Name: John Winchester
Nickname: None
Spouse: Mary Winchester (deceased)
Children: Dean Winchester, Samuel Winchester, John Hsiao
Occupation: Grifter
Character type:Hunter
Powers/special abilities:  Highly trained US Marine, excellent tracker and researcher
Theme Song: "6 Gun Quota" by Seether

Physical Description:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Dimples

Personality: Driven.  Focused.  No excuses allowed, a man who thrives on being in charge, taking as
much control as he can in the chaotic world.  Closed off.

Personal Quirks: Drinks way too much

History: Once he had the idyllic life in picturesque Lawrence, Kansas.  A beautiful wife, two wonderful
sons, a business of his own...everything was perfect for John Winchester.  Until November 2, 1983.  
When he fell asleep in front of the television after a hard day in his garage.  When his youngest, then six
months old exactly, made a noise in his crib, waking his wife up.  

It took a long time for John to come to terms with what he saw that night in Sam's nursery.  He saw the
love of his life pinned to the ceiling, torn open, dying.  He saw flame, he saw blood, he saw things no
man should ever see as he shoved Sam into his four year old brother's arms and told him to run.

He feels his greatest failing in life is that he couldn't save his wife as the nursery burst into flames.  He
barely made it out, scooping his sons up and running to safety as his house burned with his heart inside
it.  But once he realized what he saw, he changed.  In the throes of grief he could never quite leave, he
became a hunter of things 'normal people' denied even existed.  Living the life on the road with his
young sons in the backseat of the car, grifting, running scams, always hunting for what had stolen his life
away.  Learning as he went about the gray area, an area he's still figuring out.

Mary was the love of his life, but he was by no means celibate.  He had a brief relationship with another
hunter, that resulted in a son he never knew about, ending the relationship because he couldn't grasp
the concept of Nephalim, even as he learned his own son, Samuel, was one.

He protected Dean and Sam the best he could, while teaching them the family business, forging them
into fierce hunters with a strong moral code, even if that moral code didn't quite jive with the law and
order segment of society.  And when he finally had the demon in his crosshairs, he was forced to back
down, for his oldest son, to save his life.  Later he sacrificed himself for his sons, and is recently back
from Limbo, back on the trail for the demon who destroyed his life, leaving him a broken man in a broken