Rules of Play
1.  No killing or maiming another character without the
permission of that character's

2.  There are adult content posts, graphic violence and sex, so
be warned.

3.  Your age must be in your yahoo profile.  If it is not, you won't
be approved for membership.  You must be over 18.

4.  You will not be approved without a bio.

5.  No gods.  No special powers.  "Seers" approved by mods only.

6.  Post at least once every three days, and no one liners.

7.  Your character's name MUST be at the top of the body of
the message.  (eg -Hector- or ~~Achilles~~ or simply : Priam.  I
don't care how its done, as long as it is.)

8.  Certain canon applies.  Menelaus and Helen are married as
far as the Greeks are concerned.  Paris must be in a relationship
with Helen, at least at the start of the game. Hector and
Andromache are married.  Odysseus and Agamemnon both have
wives back home in Greece (fidelity is not required).

9. Rules subject to change, at any time.