What you need: Paint Shop Pro (any version, I use X), Animation Shop, and an image of your choice.
Brushes and font(s) of choice for the tag.

Open your image, copy and paste it as a new image.  Close the original.  Promote background layer to
raster layer and duplicate.  Activate the duplicate layer.  Go to Effects/Artistic Effects/Aged Newspaper
and age at 85.  Then go to Effects/Photo Effects/Sepia Toning and tone it 59.  You should have
something like this:
Looks pretty flat, doesn't it?  So go to Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Clarify.  Strength at 10.  Now you
have an image with a bit more depth.
Now here is where we get a lot of repetitive steps.  Open up Animation Shop.  Go back to Paint Shop
Pro.  Choose your selection tool, Rectangle, Add mode, no feather.  And pull your rectangle over your
aged duplicate layer.  I find it helpful to have the ruler on at this point.  Draw a rectangle like so:
Hit delete.  Select/Select None.  Go to Edit/Copy Merged and then go to Animation Shop and Paste as
New Animation.  Go back to Paint Shop Pro.  Undo your last  two steps (Delete, Select None).  Place
your mouse at the top of the dancing ants and use a keyboard short cut (Ctrl+Z) to undo.   With your
mouse still in place, draw a rectangle at the top, then another below it, with space between the two.  
Like so:
Hit delete.  Select/Select None.  Edit/Copy Merged.  Go to Animation Shop and go to Edit/Paste/Paste
After Current Frame.  Here's what you should have in Animation Shop.  Repeat the previous steps until
the bar of aged photo is at the bottom of the photo, remembering to paste AFTER current frame.
At the end?  Good.  Depending on how wide your bands are, you might have a lot of frames.  That's
okay.  Now in Animation Shop go to Edit/Select All.  Edit/Copy. Edit/Paste As A New Animation.  With
your new animation active, go to Edit/Select All.  Animation/Reverse Frames.  Copy.  Go back to your
original animation, click on the last frame.  Then Edit/Paste After Current Frame.  Delete one of the two
frames that are the same.  Example, I had eleven frames, so frames eleven and twelve were the same.  
Set the speed to what you like.  I like it fast myself.  Save.  You should have something like this:
Bands (Animation)
The animation part of the tutorial is complete.  You can stop now, and enjoy your graphic or continue
to make a tag out of it by going to
part two.
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