Bands (Tag)
Make a note of the size of your graphic.  You can do this by going to Animation Shop/Animation/Resize
and see what the size is.  Then go back to Paint Shop Pro, New Image, Transparent, larger than your
graphic.  Mine was 254x340 so I made a 500x500 (can always resize later).

Grab your preset shape tool, rectangle, single line, width 3 and draw a rectangle anywhere, making
sure the size is that of your animation.  You can see this at the bottom of your PSP window.
If you can't see it, go to View/Toolbars and make sure there's a check next to Status.

Convert your rectangle to a raster layer and move it wherever you want your animation to go.

On your first (blank) layer, flood fill with color/pattern of choice.  Grab your selection tool, rectangle,
and draw a rectangle from the bottom of your rectangle layer to the bottom of the image.   
Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds Width 3, Opacity 100, Color Black.  Horizontal and Light from top
checked.  Still selected, Effects/3D effects/Drop Shadow Vertical 0, Horizontal -7, Opacity 100, Blur 8.  
If your background is light, choose black.  If your background is dark, choose white.  Deselect
New layer.  Grab a brush of your choice, and choose a color lighter than your background and apply a
few brushes.  Use different layers to play with the blend mode and opacity.
Apply text over your blinded bar at the bottom.  Go to Image/Add borders/ 2 symmetrical/Black.  Add 1
pixel white border, then another 2 pixel black border.  DO NOT RESIZE!  We'll resize in Animation Shop.
 Copy your image and paste it in Animation Shop as a new animation.

Duplicate your new animation for as many frames as you have in your band animation.  I had 21, so I
duplicate my tag until I have twenty one frames.  Then select all.  Go back to your animation, Select All.  
Copy.  Back to your tag.  Paste INTO selected frame (which should be all of them) and center your
animation in our rectangle we made.

To resize, go to Animation/Resize Animation.  I resized mine 85%.  Make sure Maintain Aspect Ratio is
Save your animation.  I hope you had fun with this tutorial!  If you want, send me your results, I'm
always interested in what other people come up with!
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