Materials:  Greg's Factory Output Volume Two
          Blue Fairy, Magik Font  

***CREDITS:   Fairy: Art by Nene Thomas and tubed by Moonstar.  Picked up on a creator’s share day***

Open up the PSP image in PSP, unzip the plug in and install in your plug in folder.

New Transparent Image 500x500.  Flood fill with #9c76fa
Plug Ins-Pool Shadow.  Settings as below.

Plug ins-Twister.  Settings as below

Copy the fairy tube and past as new layer.  Resize to 80% making sure resize all layers box is UN
checked and place the tube as shown below (with the tip of the wing touching the right side and the
foot skimming the bottom)

Change opacity to 48% and blend mode to multiply

Duplicate this layer.  Change opacity to 85% and blend mode to normal.  

Drop shadow on duplicate layer with below settings. Merge visible.

New Raster layer.  Flood fill with Duotone lavender gradient, angle 315, repeat 0, linear, invert UN
checked.  Lower opacity to 46%, blend mode to Hard light.  Merge visible.

Add 4 pixel symmetric border, color white.  With magic wand select white border.  Foreground to
#9c76fa, go to gradients and choose Fading foreground, angle 315, repeats 0, invert UNchecked,
linear.  With border still selected, add inner bevel to below settings

Still selected drop shadow with Vertical and Horizontal at 5, Opacity at 100, Blur at 11.59, color
b97af8.  Repeat changing Vertical and Horizontal to -5.

Now for text: Open the Magik font, size 60, stroke 1.  Foreground/Stroke to black, background/fill to
nil (transparent).  Apply font, change blend mode to luminance and convert to raster layer.  Apply
drop shadow of offset 0, opacity 100%, blend 0, color black.

You’ve finished the tutorial!  Add your name or watermark, resize as needed, save as a JPG.
Vertical: 1
Horizontal: 1
Opacity: 100
Blur: 0
Color: black
color #9c76fa
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