Activate Rozepearl layer.  Go to Effects/Illumination effects/Lights and apply the following settings.

Now we want to erase the underlying images below our woman’s face, so grab your eraser brush and carefully erase.

Activate your clock layer, go to effects/3D effects/drop shadow.  Horizontal and vertical at 0, opacity at 100, blur at 5.  
Repeat these settings for autumn’s arrival and Rozepearl.  

Close off your background layer and merge visible.  Apply the same drop shadow to the merged image.  
Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Clarify/5.

Duplicate.  On duplicated layer, with Eye Candy 3.1, Motion Trail, Pixel length 165, Opacity 100, Direction 200, just
smear edges UNCHECKED.  Change blend mode to multiply.

Drop opacity of background layer to 55 and Merge All (flatten).  Image/Add Borders/1 symmetric/black.  Add another
border, this time 5 symmetric white.  With your magic wand (feather and tolerance set to 0) click on this border and fill
with your gold fill.  Still selected, go to effects/3D effects/inner bevel with the following settings
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Materials: Woman mist, time piece, book, misted rose, Gold fill of choice
Credits: Michelle Tratchenberg misted by Ana
     Clock misted by Kat
     Rozepearl misted by Rozenmaiden
    Autumn’s arrival: Unknown (if this is yours, let me know so I can give you credit)

All materials picked up on share days within the creator’s community, and freeshare is understood.  If you want the
image taken down, let me know.

Made with Paintshop Pro X

Plug ins: Greg’s Factory Output Poolshadow
       Eyecandy 3.1

Open transparent image 680 by 480.  Flood fill with white (easier to work with).

Copy and paste autumn’s arrival and move it so the top right leaves barely touch the top and the far right leaves
graze the side.

Copy and paste Rozepearl as new layer on your image and move it as below.  Free rotate this layer 10 degrees to
the left
Copy and paste the clock and move to the upper left corner, drop opacity to 44

Copy and past woman mist and move to the left.  Duplicate twice.  

On top layer o to Effects/Distortion Effects/Wind.  100 from the left, and again 100 from the right.  Set opacity to 44
and blend to Multiply

On middle woman layer go to effects/illumination effects/lights with the following settings. Drop below untouched
woman mist.  Drop opacity of untouched woman mist to 71 blend mode to Luminance Legacy

Close off all layers except the woman ones and merge visible.  Drop a shadow, horizontal and vertical at 0, opacity at
100, blur at 0, color white. Drop opacity to 67

Open all layers again.  Activate white layer. Go to Effects/Photo Effects/Sepia toning at 83.  Then Effects/Artistic
Effects/Aged Newspaper at 19.  Greg’s Factory Poolshadow with following settings
Invert selection and go to Effects/3D Effects/ Cut out. Horizontal and Vertical at 5, Opacity at 100, blur at 15.  Repeat
changing horizontal and vertical to -5.  Select none.  Add 1 pixel symmetric border in black.

Add your text in a nice font, resize if needed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Again, send me your results!
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