Glass text
This is short and simple
And can be used anywhere

Using PSP X
Eye Candy 3.1 Glass
Materials: an image that you like, colorful
Fat font.  I’m using A&S Jiggy Roman

Open your image in PSP X, copy, paste as new image and close the original.

Resize as you like

Grab your font.  Stroke 1 in black or white, depending on your image, fill any color.

Write your name, message, etc.  Convert to raster layer

Selection/Select all/Float/Modify/Contract 1.  Push delete
Go to your image, right click and promote selection to layer. Keep selected.
Eye Candy 3.1 Glass with these settings

Bevel Width 3, shape mesa
raw spacing and thickness 30
Opacity 50
Refaction 30
Color 808080
Highlight Brightness 100
Highlight sharpness 40
Direction 135
Inclination 45

Effects/3D Effects/Inner bevel with these settings
Width 10
Smoothness 17
Depth and Ambience 6
Shininess 28
Color white
Angel 45
Intensity 30
Elevation 64

Select none.

Put your promoted selection above your text outline
Drop a large blurry shadow of your choice on the text outline.
Repeat the same shadow on the promoted selection.

Merge, and done!

This can be done whenever you add text to any graphic you’ve made.

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