Supplies: Any photo or image you like, or you may use mine below.  Xero, and Eye Candy 3.1 (may use Inner Bevel
that comes with PSP if you want), Font of choice.

Open your graphic, copy, paste as new image, close original.  The one I used(click on thumbnai):

Promote background layer.

With your freehand selection tool, choose Edge Seeker.  Mode Add.  Feather 0, Range 7, Smoothing 5.  Select part
of your image and promote to layer.

Selections, modify, contract by 1.  Selections, modify, feather by 15.  Invert, hit delete once.  Deselect.  Close off
this layer.

Back to original layer.  Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur/5.  Effects/Texture/Blinds.  Width 50, Opacity 25, Horizontal
checked, Color White.  Xero: Nostalgia.  All values at 0.  Repeat Gaussian Blur.

Activate your promoted selection layer.  Xero: Porcelain.  Softness at 50, Strength at 207, Brightness at 128.  Red,
green and blue channels at 0.  New Raster Layer.  Flood fill with black.  Change blend mode to soft light.  Merge

Grab your font tool.  A chunky one works best.  Stroke 1 in black, vector. Fill transparent. Type your initial.  Stretch
the letter to fill your canvas.  Convert to raster layer.  Grab your magic wand, tolerance and feather to 0 and select
the open spaces in your letter.  

Click on your merged layer and right click on it, selecting “promote selection to layer”.  Keep selected and keep this
layer active.

Eye Candy Inner Bevel, Shiny preset.  (Or your bevel of choice in PSP).  Repeat Inner Bevel.  Effects, 3D effects,
drop shadow.  Horizontal 5, Vertical 7, Opacity 50, blur 5, color white.  Deselect.

Activate your original text layer, that has just the outline and with your magic wand, click the empty space around it.  
Selections invert.  Effects, 3D effects, cut out.  V/H at -4, Opacity at 58. Blur at 10.  Choose a color that appears in
your beveled letter.  New Raster layer, repeat Cut out, changing V/H to 4 and choosing a different shade of your
color.  Deselect.

Back to your very first layer.  Drop opacity to 82.  Merge all.  Done! Resize as you'd like.  Hope you liked it!
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