Moonlight On
Made with PSP X and Animation Shop
This is a plug in intensive tut I made while fooling around
Plug ins needed:Redfield Water Ripples
              Toadies What Are You
              Tramages Tow The Line
              Penta Dot and Cross
              Xero Sparkles

Materials:  Tube of choice
          Scenery of choice (with water)
          Font of choice (I used SA Apricots)
**I no longer provide tubes because copyright is always changing, and I try to be compliant.  I share one
day, and the next the artist revokes permission, and I can never keep up.  So it's safer this way.**

Okay let's begin!

Open a 500X500 transparent image

Paste your scenery onto the blank canvas (resize if necessary if it's bigger than 500x500).
Duplicate four times.  Name them 1-4, with one at the top.

With your freehand selection tool (I use edge seeker, range 9, smooth 9 but that's my preference) and select the water
part of your image.

Layer 1 active, activate the Redfield Water Ripples plug in.  Use the "My Home" preset.

Layer 2 active, activate the Redfield Water Ripples plug in.   Change the intensity on both sides to 40.

Layer 3 active, activate the Redfield Water Ripples plug in. Change the intensity on both sides to 20.


Duplicate layer 4.  Drag below layer four and rename 5.

Activate the Toadies What Are You?, X and Y dose to 60.  Apply.

Activate the Tramages Tow The Line with the following settings: Control 0: 80, Control 1: 54, Control 2: 48, Control 3: 9.

New Raster Layer.  Name it Background.  Choose two complimentary colors from your scenery, dark and light. Dark for
the foreground, light for the background.  Make it into a gradient, Sunburst, repeat 1, all points at 50. Flood fill.

Activate the Penta Dot and Cross plug in.  Amount at 14, Cross distance at 10, Cross width at 2. Apply.

Paste your tube and position as you like, preferably so where the water isn't blocked too much. Colorize the tube to
match the scenery using Hue and Saturation.  

New Raster Layer, drag it below your tube.  Duplicate twice for a total of 3, naming them one, two and three, one at the

On layer One, activate Xero Sparkles with the following settings:  Color: two light colors that compliment your scenery
and tube.

Sparkle Style:  Stars_2, Density 5, Maximum 81, Vary brightness 103, Vary Color 62, Target 202, Tolerance 29.  Check
'Use highlight' and 'Anti alias'

On layers two and three, same settings, play with the "target" to suit your preferences.

Now, with your eraser brush, erase any sparkles that are over your water on all your sparkle layers.

Add text and copyright.  Add drop shadow to text and play with opacity to your preference (I added a blurry shadow and
lowered the opacity to 63 Luminance Legacy)

Now comes the fun part.

Close off all your layers except the bottom two (layers four and five of scenery and background).  Rename Background.

Close off Background.  Make visible both layers three, merge visible, rename 3.  Close off.  Make visible layers two,
merge visible, close off.  Make visible layers one and merge visible, close off.  Merge tube, text and copy right.

Resize all layers by 85 percent.  Go to canvas size, your size should be 425.  Resize to 430.  New Raster layer, drag all
the way to the bottom and flood fill with your dark color.  Merge to background, rename background.

Open animation shop.  Back to PSP.  

Visible Layers:  Tube, one, background.  Copy merged, paste in Animation shop as new animation.
Visible layers:  Tube, two, background.  Copy merged, paste in Animation shop after current frame
Visible layers:  Tube, three, background.  Copy merged, paste in animation shop after current frame.

In animation shop, copy frame two and paste it after frame three.  

Select all.  Frame properties, set to a slow rate, I used 40.

Save and done!

Hope you enjoyed!
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