Materials: phantom tube (by me), rose animation (by me), MD Music Mask.  No plug ins were used or
harmed in the making of this tutorial.  

I used PSP X and Animation Shop

I made the rose animation, but credit for the design goes to an incredible tutorial by Mystii, check it out:

500X500, flood fill with white.
New raster layer, flood fill with black.
Layers, new mask layer, from image, mask MD music, Source luminance, invert mask data
Merge group.

Paste phantom tube, position to the left of the graphic, duplicate twice for a total of three layers.  Drop two of
them below your mask.  The one directly below the mask, change the blend mode to screen.  The one
above the mask change the blend mode to hard light and the opacity to 72 (the extra layers beneath the
mask add some depth to the image).

On the top phantom layer, Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow V/H at 2, opacity at 100, blur at 75, color red

Merge visible

Duplicate layer.  On duplicate go to Image/Mirror.  Change blend mode to overlay and opacity to 37

Merge visible.  Turn on view ruler under image.

Grab your selection tool, rectangle, shift mode add, feather of 15, and draw out a rectangle, top to bottom
starting at width 450.  Right click on the layer property to promote selection to layer.  Go to
Effects/Texture/Blinds, width 2, opacity 54, horizontal and light from top unchecked, color red (800000).  

Back to original layer, draw out a feathered rectangle top to bottom starting at width 350 to 400.  Repeat
above step with blinds after promoting to layer.  Deselect.

Repeat once more from width 250 to 300.  Deselect.  Close off your original layer and merge visible.  On
your top layer, drop shadow V/H 0, Opacity 47, blur 68, color white.  Go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur, radius
30.  Change blend mode to screen.  Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Clarify, strength of 15.  Merge visible.

In your materials palette, foreground to #800000, background to black.  Foreground change to gradient
Foreground/Background, linear, angle 145, repeat 0, invert checked.  Back to your image.  Select/Select
All.  Select/Modify/Selection Borders/Inside/5.  Fill with gradient.

Choose your text, I used ‘A Theme For Murder’ at 48.  Enter your text.  Convert to Raster layer, duplicate. On
original, Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur at a radius of 15.  Change blend mode to hard light, opacity of 72.

New Raster layer, select all, contract by 5.  Effects/3D Effects/Cut out with these settings: Vertical 22,
Horizontal -22, Opacity 91, Blur 38, color #202020.  New Layer, repeat Cut out but change Vertical to -22
and Horizontal to 22.

Add your name in font and color of your choice right under the text, remember to leave 150 pixels at the
bottom for your rose animation if you choose to add it.

Open Animation Shop, open the rose animation.  It has nine frames.  Back to PSP, copy your graphic and
paste as new image in animation shop.  Duplicate it so you have nine frames.  Go to Edit, Select All.  Back
to your rose.  Edit, Select all, Copy.  Back to your graphic.  Edit, Paste, Paste into selected frames, put your
rose at the bottom.

Resize animation by 80%.  Save and done!
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