Materials:  Made in PSP X.  Gradients and textures are standard in there.
Zip file: three psp images and one font (Bickham Script Fancy)
Open tubes in PSP, install font.

Open new transparent image, 500x500 and flood fill with Black-White gradient, angle 315,
repeat 0, invert UNchecked, linear.

Copy passion tube and paste as new layer, moving it as below with move tool.

Lower layer opacity to 46%

With your passion tube still active, go to EFFECTS-MOSAIC ANTIQUE and apply the
following settings: Grid 60 with symmetric checked, Tile Diffusion 100%, Grout Width 10,
Grout Diffusion 90%.

New Raster layer.  Select all.  Paste Passion tube INTO selection (it should still be in your

Lower opacity to 54%.  Copy your rose tube and paste as new layer.  Move layer under
second passion tube. X out opacity on second passion tube, activate rose tube, and with your
deformation/pick tube change the angle as below.

Lower opacity of this layer to 51% and blend mode to luminance (legacy).  

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