Okay this is what you should have so far

Merge visible.

Copy The Point of No Return tube and paste as new layer.  Resize 50% (making sure resize
all layers box is UNchecked) and move to bottom right corner.  

Change blend mode to luminance (legacy).  Go to Adjust-Soften More

New Raster Layer.  Flood fill with Duotone Red Gradient, angle 315, repeat 0, linear.  Apply
TEXTURE-BLINDS with the following settings: width 50, opacity 100%, color black,
horizontal checked.  Lower opacity to 32% and change blend mode to multiply

Merge visible.  

Add borders, 4, symmetric checked, color white.  Using your magic wand tool, select the
white border.

Flood fill with duo tone red gradient.  Still selected, go to EFFECTS-3D EFFECTS-DROP
SHADOW and apply the following settings: Offset 0, Opacity 100% Blur 11, color white.  
Repeat Drop Shadow.   Deselect.

Image-Add border- 1 symmetric-black.  Image-Add border- 4-white.  Using Magic Wand click
on white border and flood fill with Duotone Red Gradient, this time with invert box CHECKED

Now for text.  Stroke to black, fill to white.  Bold, size 60, stroke width 0.5

Lyrics I used: "Let the dream begin/Let your darker side give in/To the power of the/Music of
the night"

Convert to Raster layer.  Drop shadow Offset at 0, Opacity 100%, blur 4, color #c00000.
Drop another shadow, Offset both at 1, Opacity 100%, blur 0, color black.  Repeat that
shadow again, lower opacity to 65%.

You're done!  Add your name or water mark if you want, resize if needed and save as a .jpg.

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