Pink Fairy Tag
Used: Paint Shop Pro (I use X)
Tube of choice
Embellishments/blings of choice
Absolutely NO filters!

Pick one color from your tube as the foreground.  For the background pick a lighter tone. (I used
#917181 for my foreground and #dfafc7 as my background)

Go to gradient.  Choose Sunburst, Center and Focal Points all at 50, Repeat 1.

Fill with the gradient.  Go to Effects/Distort/Pixelate with the following settings:
Block height and width both at 10.  Repeat.  

Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance More.

Select all.  Selections/Modify 25.

Effects/3D effects/Buttonize Height and width at 20, opacity at 100, transparent.

Selections invert.  New Raster Layer.  Effects/3D effects/cut out Vertical and horizontal at 0,
Opacity at 100, blur 17.39, color black.

Select none.

Still on the cut out layer: Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling.  Corner, Bidirectional, curved.  
Horizontal and vertical offsets at 0, transition at 50.

Merge visible. Duplicate layer.  Resize duplicate 60% (all layers NOT checked).  Free rotate 45
degrees.  Duplicate.

Effects/Reflection Effects/Kaleidoscope:
Horizontal offset 25
Vertical offset 50
Rotation angle 270
Scale Factor -17
Number of petals 2
Number of orbits 0
Radial suction 32

Effects/Edge effects/Enhance

New Raster layer.  Fill with gradient.  Seamless tile settings as above.  Pixelate as above.  Edge
Effects/Enhance more.  Set layer property to Darken.

Merge Visible.
Select all. Modify/Contract 5.  Effects/3D effects/Drop shadow.  Vertical and horizontal at 0,
opacity at 100, blur at 10 and color black.

Invert. Fill with your darker color.  Modify/contract 2.  Fill with your lighter color.  Select none.

Add your tube and embellishments.  Merge Visible.
Add copyright and text.  Animate if you wish.
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