Needed: Paintshop Pro (I used version X)
A picture
No plug ins!  Short and sweet, but a cool effect.

Make a copy of your picture and close the original.

Promote background layer to Raster and duplicate.  Rename this layer 2.
Activate your Selection tool, on edge seeker.  Feather 15, range and smoothing
at 9.

Trace around the part of your photo you like the best.  Because we’re feathering
it, it doesn’t have to be neat and perfect.  Promote selection to layer and
deselect.  Rename this selected.

On layer two, go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur at ten.  Effects/Texture
effects/blinds.  Width 3, opacity 25, color black, light from top and horizontal
both checked.  Drop layer opacity to 77 and change to Multiply if your picture is
dark, screen if it’s light. (see another example below)

On raster one, go to Effects/Artistic Effects/Glowing Edges.  Intensity 2,
Sharpness 8.  Adjust/Blur/Motion Blur direction 135 strength 40.

Back on layer two, grab your selection tool.  Rectangle, no feather.  Select
rectangle, and select strips of varying width, space them out.  Promote to
selection. Deselect. Inner bevel, triangle bevel, width 8, smoothness 0, depth 20,
ambience 0, shininess 0, angle 315, intensity 50, elevation 30, color white (this is
the default setting on mine).  Set layer to Screen, adjust/softness/soften more.  
Layer opacity to 61.

Duplicate selection.  On original, gaussian blur to 5.  On duplicate,
adjust/sharpness/sharpen more.

Add borders or corners if you like.  Below is an example of a ‘light’ photo, where
you would use ‘screen’ instead of ‘multiply’.
Special Effects with Photos
How to go from this:
to this:
Pictures snagged from the web from two of my favorite TV shows, Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural.
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