This is a tut written by me on May 16, 2007.  Any similarity to any other tut out there is coincidental.  This was my own
tube I used, however, I have stopped offering any new tubes, because others are passing them off as theirs.  Sorry!

This tut assumes a basic knowledge of PSP and how layers work.

Tube, font, and brushes of choice.
Xero Porcelain
Greg's Factory Output Pool Shadow
Eye Candy 3 Inner Bevel (optional)

New graphic, transparent background 500x500

Pick a dark color from your graphic as foreground.  Pick a lighter color in the same shade for background.

Flood fill with darker color.  Blinds width 3, opacity 50, horizontal, color black.  

Pool shadow with these settings; Diagonal/Center/Horizontal/Diagonal/Horizontal/Vertical at 50.  Intensity and
Lightness at 128.

Copy tube and paste as new layer on your graphic, resize if needed.  Place to the right.  Duplicate. On original tube
layer, go to image/blur/motion blur.  265 degrees, strength 100%.  Repeat motion blur.

On duplicate tube layer go to Xero: Porcelain with these settings: Softness 50, Strength and brightness at 128, Red
channel and green channel at 0, blue channel at 255.

Duplicate.  On duplicated layer, use the same pool shadow settings as above.  Set opacity to 59 and blend mode to

New Raster layer, bring it below the tube layers.  Make sure this layer is active.  Using your brushes of choice, in the
two colors you started out with, brush on the space to the left of your tube.  Add new layers if needed and adjust
opacity/blend modes.

Merge all.  Add 2 pixel black border.  Write your message, name, your choice to the left of your tube.  I used Eye
Candy 3 for the inner bevel, the button preset.

Drop shadow Horizontal and Vertical at 0, Opacity at 100 and Blur at 5.  Change Blend mode to hard light.

Resize, all layers unchecked, 80%.  Duplicate and hide duplicate.  Activate original layer.

Magic wand, tolerance and feather to 0, click on the space around your graphic.  Effects/Reflection/kaleidoscope with
these settings: Horizontal offset 25.  Vertical offset 50.  Rotation angle 270.  Scale factor -17. Number of Petals: 2.  
Number of orbits 0.  Radial Suction: 32.  Edge mode: Reflect.  Select none.  Using your magic wand, click on the
empty spaces.  Apply same kaleidoscope settings.  Repeat this until all the spaces are filled.

Activate your duplicated layer.  Drop a white shadow, vertical and horizontal at 0, opacity at 100, and blur at 17.39.

Add your watermark or tag, add a two pixel black border.  And resize if you want.  Done!

I love to see other people's results, so feel free to email them to me.  
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