This is a nice, short, simple tut made with PSP X.


No plug ins!

Again, no hotlinking, etc.  I made the mist myself, so don't claim it as your own.

Open 400 x 400 transparent image

Foreground to 5f094b and background to b692b6.  Foreground-background
gradient, angle 45 repeat 0, invert UNchecked.  Flood fill transparent image

Select all...modify...contract 5.  Push delete once, keep selected.  Change gradient
to angel 240, repeat 2 and flood fill selected area.  Modify contract 5, hit delete,
flood fill with black, modify, contract 2, hit delete, fill with gradient changing angle to
90, repeat to 1.  Deselect        

Copy/paste yoga mist onto your workspace.  Go to Image...Resize...resize 120
bicubic, making sure ALL LAYERS is UNchecked.  Change blend to luminance and
drop opacity to 40

Repaste yoga mist as a new layer (it should still be in your memory)

New layer, flood fill with your gradient, angle 180, repeat 0 invert CHECKED.  
Change blend mode to multiply and drop opacity to 50.

Select all, modify, contract 12, invert, delete.  Invert.

New layer.  Effects...cut out....vertical and horizontal at 0, opacity at 51, blur at 59,
color white.

Merge all.  Image, add borders, black, 1 symmetrical.

Add any text you want and you’re done!        
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