Alana Chen
Name: Alana Chen
Nickname: None
Age :40
Spouse: none
Children: none
Occupation: antiques, arms, and occult artifact dealer.
Theme Song: "Adrenaline" by Gavin Rossdale

Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color:  Black
Eye Color: Br
Distinguishing marks: tattoo at the small of her back. Protective sigil.

Hobbies: martial arts, sketching.

Quirks: Doesn’t drink caffeine, doesn’t eat meat, is bi-sexual but rarely takes lovers of either gender, because
people cant be trusted.

Psychological background

Alana likes to think she is a loner when she is really just lonely. She manages to be happy in her life anyway. That
is her basic philosophy. That life is what it is, be happy when you can. Kick someone’s ass when you cant. She
thinks of herself as a predator, and in some ways she is. But not as much as she would have herself think.


Alana is one four children. She is also the youngest at 40 years old. Her eldest brother had taken his place on the
watchers' council when her father had died, and he in turn had died when the council chambers were bombed a
few years ago. He was the crowning glory of the family. Alana however was the family disappointment.

Other fathers taught their children to play ball, or change a tire. Hers taught her how to spot a vampire in a
crowded room. How to summon and banish spirits, and the basics of sports medicine. She had memorized that
magus by Francis Barret by the time she was 12, and had written her thesis on a comparative study of Barret's
work and the Keys of Solomon by the time she was 18.

They had all been entrenched in martial arts from the time they could walk. Taught to fence, use a cross bow, and
plant a wooden stake in the heart of a target. More importantly they were taught how to teach such things to other
people. To young girls who wouldn’t have a life outside of hunting and being hunted.

Her brother excelled, surpassing their father's expectations, her sisters chose other vocations, one taught martial
arts, another was curator of a substantial private library, which held many books that the watchers council had
wanted protected.

Alana had tried to follow in her father and brother's footsteps. She was good, she had learned well, taught well,
her first charge, even though never chosen as a slayer had been called upon to fulfill a hunt. The vampire had
won. They had been given the wrong information. They had expected a more traditional vampire. But what they
had found was not inhibited by daylight, crosses or garlic. They could track their prey by smell easily for years
after a chance encounter. They could only be killed two ways. Dead man's blood and decapitation. The girl had
been sent in with a stake and a cross bow.

Her death had weighed heavily on Alana. It was watcher error, and the girl had paid. The council who had sent her
the information, blamed her for not training the girl better, and put her on probation. Her brother in agreement with
them. Not once was there a single sign of remorse for the girl who had died.

She returned to the watchers' compound that night, slipped into its vault and took two items. Things she didn’t
trust the watchers to keep in their possession. Things that had the potential to bring a lot of pain. To a lot of girls.

She was on the next flight out of England and back to Hawaii, where she had been raised. She had been there
when word of the council's fall reached her. The entire slayer blood line was being eradicated. Not much she
could do about that. Unless she wanted to die along with them, so she wrote it all off as a bad idea and went into
business for herself.

Her reputation as a rogue watcher got her into the more exclusive circles. She maneuvered her way through the
occult black market, and others. She honed her skills as a cat burglar obtaining items that she would later sell on
the black market. Some she destroyed as too dangerous, others she put in a vault

She relocated to San Francisco 10 years ago and set up an antique shop in Chinatown. It was a good cover,
floundering business that hid a wealth of artifacts, occult items, and weapons.

She began trading with a group of men, who all appeared to be refugees of some sort. She knew better than to
ask.  Derek Reese was their leader after a fashion. He was her primary contact with them. She sold them weapons
and information here or there as she came upon it.

A year previous she came across the vampire calling him self Angel. It was loathing at first sight for both of them,
but they needed each other to complete a mission. They have learned to tolerate each other just in case another
need arises.