1.        This is an Adult only game. You must be 18 years of age or older and your age must appear in your
google profile.  

2.        No Flaming. As before this is an Adult game. We are all responsible adults, and should treat each other
as such. Disputes will arise, disagreements happen. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated on or off list. Be Nice

3.        No Godmoding / CCing (Character Controlling.) You don’t want someone else controlling your characters,
so please don’t control theirs.  

4.        No God characters or Mary Sue’s, No PTB’s… Elders are played by mods only… the Source and the
Senior Partners are NPCs

5.        Only two characters to start with, and only one of those can be a cannoncharacter. Everyone wants a
chance to play.

6.        There are only four Halliwell sisters. Prue has been brought back, but any more altering just wouldn't
make sense.  There are only two souled vampires. There will be no more. Again… it screws with the concept.  

7.        Detailed Bio’s and pictures of characters need to be up and a writing audition completed before a
character can be played.   Pick a theme song or we will pick one for you, and not entertain suggestions after.

Preferred Posting Practices

8.        Please post at minimum once every three days. If this schedule doesn’t work for you for some reason let
us know and we can work around extended absences. Games move quickly. If you don’t want to be swept away
or left in the dust you need to post. If you are having trouble figuring out how to get into play let someone know
and we will happily help you out.   

9.        Please only change the thread name when necessary. It gets confusing to have a different name for each

10.        Please put tags at the end of your subject-line as needed. That way we can know what we need to
respond to.

11.        If posting a JP please put this in the subject line with either tags or no tags as appropriate.

Adult Content

This is an adult game. Even though the shows in question are humorous, they also exist in a very dark place.
Dark things happen in the shows and they will happen in this game.  Torture, Death. Explicit Violence, Explicit
Sex, even Violent and Non-Consenting Sex will happen.  However in all good stories this is to be there to further
along a storyline, not fill moments of boredom, or be the basis of the storyline with few exceptions.  

For those times when they are necessary, please put headers at the top of your post. Stating that it is either R,
for vanilla sex or even Vanilla kink.   Explicit Violence, Rape, Torture etc. So that those who do not wish to read
such things don’t have to , and those that do… know where to find them.