Name: Angel (Liam)
Spouse: None
Parents: Deceased
Children: Connor
Occupation: Private investigator turned supernatural vigilante
Character type: Vampire / the champion
Theme Song: "The Noose" by A Perfect Circle

Powers/special abilities A powerful vampire with a soul.
Physical Description:

Weight: 200
Distinguishing Features: Celtic styled Tattoo on left shoulder

Personality: Angel is a man tormented by evils his soul had nothing to do with. His history as Angelus haunts him
every day. He has settled comfortably into dark brooding melancholy. He keeps most things to himself, and appears
to act impulsively. He tries not to let people get close but fails repeatedly. Having lost many friends in the battle
against evil he has become solitary, trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Personal Quirks: Angel loves food. He loves the idea of food, used to cook for his friends at the end of a case even
if it didn’t do him any good and those rare occasions when he could actually enjoy the food himself he was
voracious.  He loves vintage cars, vintage TV and Barry Manilow… Particularly “Mandy.” Prefers reading a book in a
dimly lit room ALONE to any other past time… with the exception of killing demons that work for the senior partners.
Has a weakness for strong willed blondes and doesn’t care much for cell phones and computers even though he
can use both quite well.


Born in 18th century Galway, Angel spent his youth drinking, womanising and stealing from his rich father before
Darla offered him eternal life and a lumpy forehead in 1753. After terrorising most of Europe for over 150 years,
siring Drusilla and really annoying a man called Holtz, Angel killed a gypsy girl and was cursed with a soul by her

Horrified by his atrocities, Angel restricted himself to drinking pig's blood and nibbling the odd rat for the next 100
years before joining Buffy's fight against evil.  The couple fell for each other and made love. Sadly, due to the small
print in the gypsy curse, this turned him into an evil killer once more. Buffy banished him to Hell, from which he
returned after centuries of torture (by his time scale) very confused and very naked. Things were never the same
between Angel and Buffy after that. The vampire eventually decided to get out of Buffy's life, head for Los Angeles
and continue his redemption there. Guided by the visions of half-demon, Doyle, Angel set out to "help the
hopeless," ably assisted by former Sunnydale High cheerleader and aspiring actress Cordelia Chase.

Plagued by the powerful demonic law firm Wolfram and Hart, Angel helps right wrongs in the City of Angels, ever
mindful that it's prophesized that he probably has a major part to play in an upcoming Apocalypse. A one night
stand with the evil vampire Darla had very unexpected effects when Angel became the first vampire ever to father a
child. Since then, Connor's been a joy and a trial to him, as well as a prize that many less well-intentioned would
love to get their hands on.

Troubles with Connor lead to Angel spending a summer trapped underwater, his (almost) girlfriend pregnant with
Connor's child… and possessed by her at the same time.  They saved the world from perfect happiness and bliss
(which was a scary disguise for someone intent upon devouring the world a few people at a time… ) and in order to
save Connor from insanity and homicidal tendencies, he agreed to take over as CEO for Wolfram and Harts LA
offices. Along with altering his friends memories, he managed to lose sight of his calling, and one very dear friend. It
was then that he pulled it together. Although he gave the appearance of falling deeper into darkness… and in many
ways he did.  

In the end he formulated a plan that devastated the senior partners power base… and cost him even more friends.
After defeating the demons that came at them in the Alley, Angel left to go his own way, avoiding all contact with
those he had called friend lest he get even more of them killed. He continued his vendetta against the Wolf, the
Ram and the Hart. He followed the clues to San Francisco and found that they had set up offices again. He bought
an old ware house next door to one that had been converted to a dance club called P3.

After he reverted back to Angelus, he sent everyone he cared about away, for their protection, and is now down to
one employee for Angel Investigations, and that man was hired as much to help with business as to pull the trigger
on Angel finally if he reverts again.