Name: Benjamin Farber
Nickname: Ben
Age: 500 years old
Spouse: Abigail (deceased)
Parents: Elissa (deceased), Vortag (deceased)
Children: none that he knows of
Occupation: owner of Valhalla, a strip club and Haven, a demon friendly establishment
Character type: Demon
Powers/special abilities Teleportation (he calls it sliding, and he travels through flame), Pyrokinesis and
pyrogenesis (usually in the form of balls or streaks), mild illusion (like all demons, its to hide their true selves
from the world and provide cover), he can heat up a room to unbearable temperatures with merely a thought.  
Very possibly immortal for he hasn't aged discernibly since becoming an adult.
Theme Song:  "Put Your Lights On" by Everlast and Santana

Physical Description:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: In his full on demon form, his features are hard to distinguish, almost like the human
eye is unable to comprehend the angles and shapes and he can appear blurry.  His body temperature is a lot
higher than the normal person's, and inside, as far as placements of organs go, he's quite different (different
type of heart, missing other organs, for example).

Personality: Ben is out for what's good for Ben.  In the whole good versus evil war, he will take Ben's side
everytime.  He has no ambition to be the First Evil or the Source, and in fact considers himself neutral, an
observer in the great war.  But he has been known to take sides when he's bored or when it strikes his fancy.  
Religion amuses him.  There are very few people to which he can claim some affection and loyalty to, but
those that do earn it, however they earn it, have a powerful ally for life.

Personal Quirks: Ever since discovering cigarettes a long time ago, he is hardly without one.  Maybe due to his
demonic nature, but he craves the heat.  In his home, the heat is no less than 80 degrees, and drinks
everything hot, even if he has to make it hot himself.   He's a promise bound demon, bound to his word by
mystical forces, so it's rare that he gives his word on anything, because no matter what, he has to keep it.

History: Benjamin was born at the dawn of the sixteenth century to a  woman of mixed  (but not demonic)
heritage who had fallen under the power of a demon male.  Upon giving birth to a baby that shifted between
demon form and human form, she ran, taking the baby with her to try and save him.  They traveled through
Europe, where Elissa sought refuge in different monasteries and convents, afraid of losing her son to what she
dubbed evil.

When he was nearly an adult (about fourteen in those days) his father finally found him and Elissa.  Elissa
gave her life to try and save her son, to no avail as Vortag slayed her and took his son to the Underworld.  
From there he learned about his demon heritage, never forgetting about his mortal side.  He played the
normal demon games with the mortals, killing his share of witches, hunters and slayers until about one
hundred years ago, when he killed his father, who was trying a coup.  Having witnessed, and in a way been the
cause of,  both his parents die for the sake of evil, he renounced his position and took to life among the
mortals.  However, he also renounced his mortality for the most part, refusing to be torn in half by his unusual
heritage. As far as he's concerned, he's just Ben, a name he took upon his renunciation.

While carving out his new identity as 'Just Ben,' he met a young woman named Abigail Wells.  Attracted, he
allowed himself a flirtation, and when she tried to move forward, he revealed his dual nature to her, in an
attempt to scare her off.  It didn't work as planned, and they were married, going to live down in the tunnels
with her brother in his Utopian society where there was nothing to fear.

Except the ravages of time.  Abby grew older, as mortals do, dying a mortal death after several decades of
marriage.  Ben left the tunnels in his grief, going topside and opening a successful strip club, and a demon bar
on the side.  He's never overcome his grief, and he has no plans to, even as he's pulled into a war that's not
his own, becoming an increasingly vital source of information.  His only consolation is that he might very well
be killed in this war.