Name: Dean Winchester
Nickname: None
Spouse: None
Parents: John and Mary Winchester
Children: none
Occupation: Investigator
Character type: Hunter
Powers/special abilities:  There are very few people who are a better shot than him, can also recite the exorcism
ritual from memory, in perfect Latin
Theme song:  "Storm" by Saliva

Physical Description:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Hazel-green
Distinguishing Features: Scars

Personality: He's very much a lively, free spirit with a strong sense of responsibility. So much so that he's tasked
himself with saving the world, if only to save his brother.  A natural flirt, he likes women, and they tend to like
him.  He's got an attitude his skills can back up, and often has, but little to no self worth.  Highly masculine, and
at the same time a nurturer.

Personal Quirks: Loves his brothers, car, hunting.  Is actually quite obsessive about his car, a 1967 Chevy
Impala, and obsessive about keeping Sam safe at all costs, even his own life.

History:  He doesn't remember much about his 'normal life.'  He knows he had one.  And he remembers the
night it all ended, seeing things no four year old should ever see.  A demon.  His mother dying.  Carrying his
brother outside, the flames at his back. That night his childhood ended.

Before his young mind could even process what had happened, they were moving, always moving.  Dean had
no stability in his life, other than the backseat of a Chevy Impala and never ending instructions on what goes
bump in the night.  Though he views his father as Superman and James Bond all rolled into one, it was Dean
who was tasked with the raising of Sam, and truthfully himself, as they crashed in cheap motels and the houses
of other hunters, rarely staying in one school long enough to finish a semester.  He was never good at school,
he wasn't dumb, but it didn't grab his attention as much as hunting did.  His father was a Hero, and he wanted to
be just like his dad, even if he felt like he was a big disappointment.

He had his share of rough spots.  If you can call being abducted by his father's ex lover a rough spot.  Or being
bound forcibly to a bear totem when he wasn't old enough, shaping him in ways he hasn't figured out yet,
changing his destiny in ways he doesn't know yet.  Or hey, some people would consider it a bad day at the
office when you're sent to Hell, only to be ripped out and have to crawl out of your own grave after being dead
for four months!

When Sam left for college, it was Dean who snuck him out.  It was Dean who came to get him the first time John
went missing, and it was Dean that pulled Sam from the inferno of his apartment.  And it's Sam that Dean would
sell his own soul for in a heart beat.  So if the only way Dean can save his brother is to save the world, fine.  
That's what he'll do.