Derek Reese
Name: Derek Reese
Nickname: None
Spouse: None
Parents: deceased
Children: none
Occupation: Soldier, a lieutenant in the future Resistance, assigned to the elite Tech-Com
Character type: Soldier
Powers/special abilities: tactician, weapons, hand to hand combat
Theme Song: "Sad Exchange" by Finger Eleven

Physical Description:

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200  lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features:  Many tattoos, including a barcode on his arm, scars including gunshot wounds.

Personality: Always watching.  Paranoid.  Protective and blunt, he calls it as he sees it, even if no one else
sees it like he does.  Remembers the world as it was and still is, and remembers what it will turn into.  
Headstrong and stubborn.  Isn't afraid to kill whoever he needs to in order to do his job.  Loves to go to the
park and watch his younger self and his even younger brother play, often taking John with him.

Personal Quirks: Barely sleeps, due to nightmares and paranoia.  Hates machines evolved more than a
microwave.  He yearns to be on a front line, any front line.  His past is every one else's future, which
presents a unique conundrum for him.  Some of his manners are lacking, especially social graces, due to
not needing them in the future.  He knows the machine will revert to its original programming again, and
plans to be there when it happens, as he sees himself as the only one who will stop it.

History:  Derek Reese was born in 1995 in California, and lived a normal middle class life.  He was a doting
big brother to his brother Kyle, and was playing baseball in his front yard with Kyle when he saw the
missiles fly over his head.  He took his brother to an old fall out shelter beneath City Hall for safety during
the counterstrike, and soon he and his brother were orphans in a war zone. He was fifteen.

He kept Kyle safe for as long as he could, with help from other survivors, and when Kyle was captured and
taken to a work camp, he nearly lost it.  But with other members of a fledging resistance, broke his brother
out of the work camp and also John Connor, who would grow to be their leader quickly.

They fought a war against the machines, the machines that wanted nothing more than to cause the
extinction of the human race.  They lived like scavengers underground, in blown out toppled buildings, and
improvised weapons, hiding from Skynet, attacking when they could.

When separated from his brother during a recon mission, Derek and the rest of his unit were captured by
Skynet. Derek received his barcode brand and was held, along with the rest of his team, in a house prison
camp chained to the floor for an uncertain number of days. During their time of captivity, the prisoners were
led one by one down to a room in the basement. Those who were brought back were in an extremely
weakened state. What happened to them was never made clear. One of Derek's team, Billy Wisher, was
taken and when he came back confessed to Reese that his real name was Andy Goode and that he was
one of the creators of Skynet. Goode pleaded for forgiveness for his sin but before Derek could even
respond he was dragged off to the basement himself.

When the humans were mysteriously let go, Derek and his team returned to the bunker they had lived in to
find it had been attacked. Other Resistance fighters then arrived and informed them that the bunker had
indeed been attacked, but that Derek's brother and John Connor had been fighting a battle in Topanga
Canyon for a Skynet research facility at the time. Kyle went on a secret mission with Connor inside the
newly secured facility and he was never heard from again while Connor had returned. Greatly angered by
the unknown fate of his brother, Derek headed back to the new Resistance base to demand answers from
John Connor.

Back with the Resistance, Derek learned that Connor has started to reprogram Terminators to help fight
Skynet, something that Derek is not happy about.

Finally able to get a meeting with John Connor, Derek learned from the general that Skynet has made time
travel a reality after he saw the time displacement device and the plans of it The Resistance took from
Skynet's Topanga facility. Connor planned to sent Resistance members to the past for setting up safe
houses and other missions. Connor didn't tell Derek about his brother's fate, but instead offered Derek a
mission to be sent back 20 years to attack the very birth of Skynet as well as help a young John Connor
and his mother, Sarah. Derek accepted  but secretly intended to kill Andy Goode, hoping to stop him from
creating Skynet.  He did manage to assassinate Andy Goode.

Soon after arriving, his entire team is killed by a T-888 except for him, and Sarah Connor of all people
broke him out of prison.  He was mortally wounded, and nearly died on their counter, but managed enough
strength to freak out about the machine with them, recognizing her from the future.  When he recovered, he
put two and two together about Sarah Connor, John Connor and the fate of his beloved brother Kyle.  

He's made a place in their weird family, as John's uncle and protector, and a somewhat trusted advisor for
Sarah.  And if you ask him, the only one who will take the machine down when it finally turns (not the only
one that can, but the only one that will).