Diana Ballard
Name: Diana Ballard
Nickname: none
Spouse: none
Children: none by birth, Sam and Dean by choice
Occupation: Homicide detective
Character type: human
Powers/special abilities: police training, criminology training.  
Theme Song: In My arms by Plumb

Physical Description:
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 100lb
Hair: reddish brown
Eyes: brown
Distinguishing Features: scars from gun shot wounds in the abdomen and back

Personality: Strong willed. Where John Winchester is the irresistible force, Diana Ballard is the immovable object.
She doesn’t relent to pressure but can be reasoned with.  She doesn’t intimidate easily and is very good at
faking not being afraid. She doesn’t give her affection easily but when she does it
's genuine and complete. Just
like her trust and loyalty.

Personal Quirks: Diana is a caffeine addict. She doesn’t function without coffee. At least not in any way that
anyone wants to be near. She doesn’t talk about her past. Not out of embarrassment, but because it
's very
personal and Diana is very private.


Diana was born to a family of police officers. Her father, grandfather and great grandfather were police officers.
Two of her four brothers are police officers. The other two work in law enforcement based jobs as well. One is a
criminal psychologist, the other is a ballistics expert. Her father did not want Diana anywhere near a badge. He
had ideas of perhaps a teacher, or a doctor.

The problem was Diana wanted to be a police officer more than anyone else in the family.
So a police officer is
what she became. She struggled through her early years on the force, gender discrimination, often hidden
behind excuses, living in her father and brother
's shadows. Eventually she was able to get her detective's bars,
and worked her way through vice and sex crimes before landing the position she wanted in Homicide.

It was here that she met and fell in love with Peter Sheridan. Their romance was a secret, because they were
partners. She didn’t know that he was involved in drugs and eventually murder.

It was because of the ghost of one of his victims that she met the Winchester boys. Initially she believed Dean to
be a homicidal maniac dragging his brother across the country and involving him in his crimes.

However when she tho
ught she was the next target of a ghost, she let herself trust the brothers and went to Sam
for help
on Dean's behest. Once they had lain the ghost to rest, she learned the truth and she and Sam found
 racing after Dean and Peter, hoping to save Dean's life.

In the end she shot Peter, not only to save herself but to save Dean as well. She then let the two of them go. It
nearly ruined her career. So she relocated to San Francisco.

She bought a house, an SUV and was barely settled into her new job when word of Dean Winchester
's arrest
came across her desk. They connected only for her to discover that his father had died, and that Sam had been
turned to stone.

She convinced Dean to move into her place, while he sorted things out, and eventually when Sam was restored
to his natural form, he moved in too.

She found herself feeling very maternal and protective toward the young men, so when their father appeared
and began to insist that they go back on the road to the life that was slowly killing them both, she put her foot
down. The irresistible force, met the immovable object and they are still trying to win the battle of wills, without
hurting the boys in the process.