Name: Jessica Moore
Nickname: Jess
Spouse: None
Parents: Lilith (adopted by humans)
Children: none
Occupation: Waitress
Character type: Demon
Powers/special abilities:  Unknown at this time.  Possible immortality
Theme song:  "Life is Beautiful" by SixxAM

Physical Description:

Height: 5'11"
Weight:  130 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Several noticable freckles

Personality: Was once a sweet good natured  young woman without a real care in the world. Now
she's a traumatized, confused Lilithspawn trying to reclaim the humanity that was ripped from her
and understand exactly what she is.

Personal Quirks: Afraid of fire.   Doesn't understand why her life just won't go back to how it used to

History:  Jess was a model student and a model daughter.  No one could have asked for an easier
childhood, her parents were middle class and loved each other and her.  But they hid one big secret
from her, that she was adopted.  Her adoption records list her as an abandoned baby, with no clue
as to her birth parents.  

She was bright and popular in high school, and continued to be bright and popular in college, where
she met Sam Winchester.  There was an immediate chemistry between them, Sam saw her as the
one bright and pure light in his life, and Sam quickly became her everything.  They dated, moved in
together, and Sam was on the verge of proposing (before he entered law school, and she medical
school) when his brother Dean broke into their apartment and took him on a road trip.

When Sam returned from the road trip, he found a plate of cookies, and went to go to sleep,
thinking Jess was off studying, when he felt a drip.  He looked up, and his girlfriend was pinned to
the ceiling, bleeding, and then she promptly burst into flames.  His brother came and dragged him
out, and Jessica was thought dead.

But she wasn't.  Once Azazel realized she couldn't be killed by him, he instead tortured her for years
in a place in hell even demons are afraid of.  Re enacting her supposed death for years on end,
taunting her with her memories of Sam until she was nearly (if not completely) insane.  When she
finally escaped, it was more or less on autopilot, all she wanted to do was find Sam.

When she found him, and found he was with someone else, she lost control.  That part of her she
didn't understand came to the forefront and she saw red, killing Sarah violently.  She came to
understand she wasn't human, and learned she didn't have two parents, she had one birth parent,
Lilith, an incredibly powerful and ambitious demon who loved nothing more than to thwart the plans
around other demons.

She has to come to terms with everything she's done, everything she can do, and everything in her.
Jessica Moore