John Connor
Name: John Connor
Nickname: None
Spouse: None
Parents: Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese (deceased)
Children: None
Occupation: Student
Character type: Soldier
Abilities:  Computers, electronics, hacking
Theme Song:  "Hero" by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott

Physical Description
Height: 5'10"
Weight:  160 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Features: None

Personality: He's a kid just trying to be normal, even knowing what lies in his future.  He'd love to go to football games, on
normal dates, and not have to move constantly.  His mother is his hero, and he never knew his father, who died before he was
born.  Loves his electronics and computers, even knowing it bugs his mother.  Surprisingly, has a level head and cares
deeply for life.

Personal Quirks: Pumps th ose around him for information on his sainted father.  Hates moving.  Not fond of weapons, even if
he knows how to use them.  Wishes his life wasn't so strange.


John Connor is the leader of the human rebel group Tech-Com that opposes them. Skynet, the supercomputer mainframe of
the machines, decides that John Connor is the focal point of the rebellion and his termination would end the opposition. After
repeated failures at terminating John during the war, Skynet decides to use a time dilation device to send android assassins
called Terminators to various points in John Connor's past in an attempt to terminate him before the war begins. John was
born when his mother Sarah Connor was hiding off the grid after the death of his father, when she learned the truth about the
machines. Sarah had decided to leave comfortable living to keep John safe and to prepare him for his future role as the
leader of the human rebellion during the machine war. John spent the early years of his life learning about weapons,
computer technology and espionage.

When his mother was captured for trying to blow up a Cyberdyne research facility in the early 1990s, John was seized by
social workers who told him that his mother's stories of the postapocalyptic future were delusions. Accordingly, Sarah was
sent to a mental institution and John to foster parents Todd and Janelle Voight. John was unable to cope with suburban living
and became a juvenile delinquent. In 1995 when he was only ten he was confronted with the T-1000 that was sent to
terminate him, and upon realizing that his mother's stories were true, he and his protector, a reprogrammed T-800, helped
Sarah escape from the mental institution.

During their time together John bonded with the T-800 (who he called "Uncle Bob"), who became a friend and father figure to
him. However, once the T-1000 was destroyed along with all of Cyberdyne's research, the T-800 asked that it be destroyed
also so that its technology would not be discovered and used by others.

Two years after Cyberdyne Systems' destruction, Sarah and John went into hiding from the authorities using the aliases of
Sarah and John Reese. Sarah even engaged to paramedic Charley Dixon, whom John sees as a father figure and help him
picked the engagement ring for his mother. However, fearing to be discovered, Sarah left Charley with John.

Settled in Red Valley, New Mexico, John reconnects with an old friend and meets a girl named Cameron Phillips, only later to
be discovered to be a Terminator reprogrammed to protect him and his mother from a T-888. Learning that the Judgment Day
was postponed to April 21, 2011, Cameron led John and his mother to a bank, the Security Trust of Los Angeles, where The
Resistance hid components of an isotope-fueled weapon and a time displacement device. Using the time machine, John,
Sarah and Cameron travelled forward to 2007 where they can completely off the grid from Skynet and the country's law
enforcement agencies so they can concentrate on preventing Skynet's birth. But the world in 2007 proves complex: they find
Skynet has sent additional Terminators back in time to support its own creation, and the resistance movement has sent back
its own fighters to interfere. As they seek out an intuitive chess computer called The Turk, which may be a precursor to
Skynet, they forge an alliance with Derek Reese, one of the Resistance's First Lieutenant and his father's older brother. After
learning his uncle's existence, John desires to learn of his father from Derek, but his mother harbors distrust on the man as
she is aware of his murderous nature and refuse to let Derek knows of John's parentage. However, Derek already figured it
out after seeing John has a resemblance to his deceased brother. During John's birthday, Derek took his nephew to a park
where he played baseball with Kyle during their childhoods, therefore meeting Derek and Kyle's younger selves. John was
overwhelmed of finally meeting his father. Afterward, John and Derek begins their relationship, but keeping Sarah in the dark
of Derek's knowledge.

John currently enrolls in Campo de Cahuenga High School under the name of John Baum,, while still trying to stop the
creation of Skynet.