Name: Kaylie Hsiao
Nickname: None
Spouse: Jack Hsiao
Parents: Chelsea and Harold Bishop
Children: none
Occupation: Artist
Character type: Tunnel Dweller
Powers/special abilities:  Is an amazing artist
Theme Song: "Cry" by Mandy Moore
Physical Description:

Height: 5'
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: Contagious smile

Personality:  Kaylie is cheerful, gentle, and naive.  Having spent her whole life in a utopian society, she can easily
see the good in just about everyone.

Personal Quirks: She loves sunrises, and when she lived below used to go to the gates every morning to watch
one.  She's an avid artist, and finds sculpture or painting to be the most relaxing thing in the world.  In her own
gentle way, is highly protective of the love of her life.

History:  Chelsea married young, barely legal, to who she thought was the most perfect man.  They moved far
away from their hometown, and that's when everything went down hill.  Harold couldn't keep a job, and the abuse
started.  It continued right through her pregnancy, sending her into labor with her only daughter prematurely.  
Kaylie was born small, but her mother wrelcomed the relief as she spent time in the safety of the hospital, where
she didn't have to explain away the bruises and the gashes.  

When Kaylie was able to come home, it started right up again.  Every time something went wrong for Harold, it
would be taken out on Chelsea, but she bore it, until the night her husband went into such a rage he viciously beat
Chelsea, and knocked over Kaylie's crib.  When Harold fell asleep, Chelsea packed what she could carry, took her
daughter, and left.  She sought haven in a woman's shelter, but Harold found her.  Then word came to her of a
place so safe, it was unknown.  Desperate, she took that chance, and took her daughter to the tunnels.

The tunnels was a self made world, below the sewers, in old caverns and passage ways, led by a man named
Jacob Wells, who everyone called Father.  Here, Chelsea was safe, and she wanted for nothing.  She had
everything she needed, shelter, food, and a safe place for her daughter.

And so this is where Kaylie was raised, educated with the other children on the fine arts and literature,
mathematics and sciences.  Here was a world unlike any other, where demons, angels, half breeds, and humans
lived in peace with no fear from each other.  It was also here that she met Jack Hsiao.  She formally met him when
she wasn't even a year old, when his mother came looking for refuge when Jack was hurt.  His recovery was long,
and he was often watched by the other women who took care of the children.  Even after his recovery, his mother
would bring him down to the tunnels for various reasons, and Kaylie and Jack took to each other, and were
inseperable since she was five years old.  

As they grew up, so did their relationship, despite their differences (his mother was a Nephalim, and they lived in
Chinatown, her mother had a deep distrust for men in that way), and soon their relationship moved from deep
friendship to love.  Her trips topside were solely to see him, she even learned Chinese to communicate with his
neighbors and friends.  She's seen him through hunters coming for him, to the discovery of his father and two
unknown brothers, brothers who quickly became an integral part of his life, and by proxy, hers.  

On a whim, and under the power of a love spell, Jack and Kaylie ran off to Las Vegas and got married, even
though they both knew it would eventually happen, and now Kaylie embarks on learning to adjust to the topside
world, and all its dangers, most of which comes hand in hand with Jack's newfound brothers.