Magdalena Hsiao
Name: Magdalena Hsiao
Nickname: Maggie
Spouse: None
Parents: deceased
Children: John "Jack" Hsiao
Occupation: Shop owner
Character type: Demon
Abilities:  Shadow walking, strength, telekinesis, an accomplished witch specializing in Taoism
Theme Song:  "Toy Soldiers" by Martika

Physical Description
Height: 5'4"
Weight:  100 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: None

Personality: Still waters don't run deep in Maggie, they boil. The quieter she is, the more those around her have to worry.  She has a will
of iron, and can hold grudges indefinitely, she can be very patient when it comes to her vengeance.  Loves her son deeply.

Personal Quirks: Always has tea or tequila handy in her home or shop. Has a quick temper and a hard boiled hunter view on life, but can
slip into devoted lover or mother instantly.

Maggie was born into mixed heritage. Her mother was British, her father Chinese. Her mother a witch, her father a hunter. Her father had
also been possessed at the time of her conception, making her a Nephilim.

By her mid 20s she was already into a hard core career as a hunter (and a witch, practicing Taoist magic). She picked up leads for jobs
at Harvelle's road house. Ellen quickly took the young hunter under her wing and the two became fast friends.  So it was more than a
little frustrating when Maggie started working with the one hunter Ellen had warned her against. John Winchester. Maggie and John took
to each other quickly. Working well together when just about no one else could stand working with either of them. Working together
turned into playing together when they needed to shake off the horrors of the job. This lead to Maggie becoming pregnant.  

Before either of them discovered that she was pregnant, John was captured by a demon. The very demon that had sired Maggie. The
news that she was tainted by a demon wasn’t something John took well so he threw her out the door and after a few days head start he
threw her to the wolves.

She went into hiding, spending her pregnancy running from town to town, always careful never to leave a trail. That became harder
once  her son was born. John Hsiao, named for his father. She calls him Jack.

Just after his third birthday she was discovered by hunters. Bobby singer, his brother Ricky, and Bill Harvelle, Ellen’s husband. They
knew that a direct assault would end up with all of them dead if not worse, and planted explosives around the house. Bill did the recon
and chose not to tell the Singer brothers about Jack's presence, figuring the boy to be demon-spawn anyway. Even if it was likely
Winchester's boy.

When the house went up, she and her son were trapped in the rubble in the basement, Jack in her arms dying.  She made a deal with
her father to save her son. He told her in order to save Jack and protect him she would need two things. A piece of his father, and his
brother's blood…another Nephilim. Sam.

Over come with the evil that coursed through her body as her father healed her own wounds, she gave in to the anger and pain directed
at John. She kidnapped his sons, forcing John to come to her. The fight between them was just short of epic, with the two young boys
watching.   It ended up she didn't need either of those things to save her son, the doctor in the Tunnels (a utopian society she had
sought refuge in) saved him.

When her son recovered, she went into hiding in the tunnels in San Francisco, eventually moving up into China town and building a life
for herself and her son. She was intent upon raising Jack into a normal life.  In that she succeeded. Although one thing would still drive
her closer to the darkness, and that was the need for vengeance on those that hurt her son.  Bill Harvelle was the first to go, this she
accomplished while he and John Winchester were on a hunt, careful that John didn’t see her.  Ricky Singer had been killed when her
father had left his mortally wounded body, but his brother Bobby was left, and he took his brother's share of the hatred as well as his

Once that was done she thought that part of her life was dead and buried literally and figuratively.  Until John's son walked through the
door looking so much like him back in the day, needing the blood she had stolen from his brother.

She pulled John out of limbo, and the two have buried the hatchet… among other things.