Name: Nikolei Romanovich (shortened to Romanov)
Nickname: Nick
Age: appears in 30s
Spouse: Yekaterina  (deceased)
Parents: Roman and Alexandra Konstantinovich(deceased)
Children: Alexander Nikoleivich (deceased)
Occupation: none really
Character type: whitelighter, Elder
Powers/special abilities: orbing, healing, ability to speak any language, able to hear the 'call' of his charges,
invisibility/cloaking of himself and charges
Theme Song: "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3

Physical Description:

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Distinguishing Features:  none really

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn,  his eyes speak of a hurt he hasn't gotten over.  Stubborn, once he sets his mind to
something it's really hard to dissuade him

Personal Quirks: He drinks.  A lot.  And if he could get drunk, that would be a problem, but he can't, so he keeps
on drinking in the hopes that someday he can

History: Nick came of age shortly before the Russian Revolution.  His family was aristocratic (with relation to the
last Tsar, making him a Duke).  Before leaving for the front in WWI, he married a young woman from an equally
respectable family, but were parted for two years before his service was done.

Once returned to his home, they were soon graced with a son, and Nick settled into life as an artistocrat serving
the Tsar, though everyone could see the Romanov dynasty was falling, and falling fast.  But like everyone else,
Nick was denial about this, feeling that once the war that had engulfed Europe was finished, life would return to
normal, and prosperity would return to Russia.

This was not to be.

He watched in horror as Tsar Nicholas II was thrown from his throne, and a weak republic replaced the Duma, and
started making plans to movehis family to Sweden through Finland.  Yekaterina was loath to go and resisted, and
Nick caved. He couldn't very well drag his wife and young son across borders quietly after all, if she insisted on
making a scene.

Then the government was overthrown again that October, and the Soviets came to power.  Civil war ensued, and
no one was safe, no matter their political agenda or affiliation, or economic status.  Nick started converting all his
assets to gold, it was time to leave, whether Yekaterina wanted to or not.

He put his wife and son into the back of a beat up old carriage and raced toward the Russian-Finnish border, and
nearly made it through the guarded border....for the border guards were distracted with another family trying to
escape under the cover of night.  His wife urged him to go, go, go now.  Go around, go through.  But he stopped.  
Got out of the carriage, and grabbed the two children as their parents were murdered.

He was shot several times in the back as he was putting them in the carriage with his family, but managed to get
them across the border before he succumbed to his injuries. That was when he ascended as a whitelighter.  For
he could have very easily gotten across the border without bothering about those children, one of which became
a powerful Anti-Communist crusader, and the other an ancestor of a world leader.

He wasn't the perfect whitelighter, right from the start.  He broke several rules, right away, including keeping close
tabs on his survivingfamily.  To this day he knows where his descendants are (Alexander grew up, married, and
had several children, who had several children and so on).  When Yekaterina died of natural causes at an
advanced age, he was grief stricken enough to sleep with a charge (who wasn't supposed to know she was his
charge).  He was punished for that, but soon given an assignment, an unusual one.

He was to be the whitelighter of an entire army unit it Vietnam, posing as an advisor to their commanding officer.
And he failed them, so he believes.  An ambush by the Viet Cong took out his whole unit, except for him.  He had
already seen so much war, with his own mortal eyes (a war that destroyed his beloved country) and as a white
lighter (WWII, Korea, etc) that he couldn't get past the deaths of all those men.  

And the fact he couldn't heal them.  The Elders wouldn't allow it, he tried.  And tried, until their bodies were cold
and were being collected for return for burial.  Feeling betrayed by his superiors, and overcome with grief and
shame, he orbed into a bar, where he pretty much stayed for years.  He was given charges, but ignored the call
enough that they were reassigned to someone that would actually help him.

He was content with that, hoping his wings would be clipped and then he could finally die permanently.  But with
the attack on the elders, and forces converging on San Francisco, he was convinced to embrace his
whitelightedness, and take a position as an elder due to his experience.  He's doing it for his descendants, as self
destructive as he is, he has no wish for the world to actually end.

Which was why when the elders started to make deals with demons (or maybe kept on making deals with demons)
he went rogue with Leo Wyatt and Bobby Singer.