Name: Ruby
Nickname: Dean has many for her, none of them flattering
Spouse: None
Children: None
Occupation: None
Character type: Demon
Powers/special abilities:  Ruby can possess human hosts, granting the body of the host demonic abilities, which
can only be seen in a possessed person. Similar to other demons, she exhibits enhanced strength and
inhuman durability. During her time as a witch she has gained extraordinary knowledge of certain spells that
can vanquish demons, as well as methods of protecting against demons and undoing harmful magic. Ruby is
also a skilled fighter

Theme Song: "Fake It" by Seether

Physical Description:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110
Hair: R
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: None

Personality: She still remembers what it's like to be human and says that she isn't the same as the other
demons, though she wishes she were.  She despises hell, remembering what it was like to be human there, and
will do what it takes to stay out of there.  Often fights on the 'wrong' side of the war (the human side) for
reasons that are quite her own.  Is not afraid to use whatever low blows she has to in order to hurt Dean.

Personal Quirks: More than half in love with Sam, it clouds her judgement.  Afraid of angels.  Big time.  Because
of this fear, and Dean's connection to an angel, he's often her target to lash out at.

History: When she was human, she was a witch.  When she was about to die from the black plague, she sold
her soul to a demon, sending her to hell so she could become a demon herself.  Her human form was lost,
painfully and sadistically so, as is the way of hell.  When she crawled out and possessed her first host, she
started on the 'wrong' side right away.

She came upon the Winchesters, and Sam in particular, after all the demons in hell started scrambling around
to find a leader to fall behind.  It had been planned that Sam would be that leader, but he failed to step up to
the plate, though Ruby fell behind his line quite quickly.  She lied to him, leading him on to believe that she
could help Dean out of his deal, though she couldn't.  The one last ditch effort she thought of, Sam at that time
wasn't willing to pursue (exorcising demons with his mind instead of a long winded ritual).  Lilith, in the end,
kicked her out of her own host, and brought the black dogs to Dean herself to kill him.

When she crawled back out of hell, she possessed a new host and found Sam once again, and told him how he
could have saved his brother if he had listened to her, and lead him down that path of exorcising demons with
his mind, knowing that Sam was keeping that, and her, a secret from his brother when Dean resurrected.

It's that resurrection that deeply bothers Ruby.  As a demon, she has a fear of angels, especially the warrior
angels, and that is exactly who pulled Dean out of hell.  And though she's fallen quite hard for the broody Sam
Winchester, she detests Dean and all he stands for
 Now possessing another, but still brain dead, host, Ruby is
sticking near Sam.