Sam Winchester

Name: S
amuel Winchester
Nickname: S
Spouse: N
Parents: J
ohn Winchester and Mary Winchester (deceased)
Children: N
Occupation: none really
Character type:H
Powers/special abilities: Has been trained as a hunter all his life. Can take on demons, vampires and swat teams
alone and come out on the winning side. Knows latin and can quote the rituale romanum by rote.  He can pull a
demon out of the body its possessing with his mind,  limited TK, random Precognition, Occasional bursts of strength.
He is an untrained Nephilim . Who knows what will come next.
Theme Song:
"Rest In PIeces" by Saliva

Physical Description:

Height: 6'
Weight: 2
20 lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Distinguishing Features:  S
cars here and there, anti possession tattoo, dimples

Personality: Sam is a tortured soul. He blames himself for all the evil that has befallen his family and friends.  He can
laugh easily at times and even put it all into a compartment in the back of his mind but it's always there, lurking
underneath, along with the darkness that flows in his veins. He worries about his brother a great deal, and figures no
one else will. Especially not their father who he blames for everything he can't find a way to blame himself for.

Personality quirks:  Isn’t much of a ladies man, more by choice than any lack on his part. He is a light weight when it
comes to alcohol. Has a stubborn streak as wide as he is tall as well as patience with anyone except for his father.

When his older brother Dean had been dying of an incurable cancer even before Sam's birth,  his mother had made
a deal with the devil's right hand to give him anything he wanted if he would just save her son.  Azazel had agreed to
the deal and disappeared into the night, with out so much as a fair thee well.  The next day Dean began to improve.
That was the last the family heard from the demon until the night Sam was conceived, when it possessed John in
order to create Sam. 6 months after his birth is  when he came back to seal the deal with his own blood, Mary found
him in the nursery and realized exactly what it was going to cost her to save her son. It was going to cost the infant in
the crib as well.

She had come from hunter stock and fought against the demon but lost. She died and set her family on the path that
she had been willing to do anything to keep them off.

Sam grew up raised mostly by his brother until he was old enough to go along with John on hunts.  He and his
brother were close, Co dependant really, while he and his father mixed like oil and water and every conversation was
a lighted match.

At 18 he left to go to college, having no intention of ever returning to the hunters way of life, or to his father’s fold.  
There he studied pre-law, and met Jessica Moore, the love of his life. For two years he was allowed to pretend to be
normal. Given enough of an illusion to allow for hope.

When John disappeared on Dean  while on a hunting trip, Dean went to Sam for help. When he returned from the
initial trip, Sam went up stairs, found a note from Jess with chocolate chip cookies. He went to bed and nestled in nice
and cosy to his pseudo normal bed, in his pseudo normal home, and then his world went to hell. Jessica was dead,
pinned to the ceiling, dripping blood down upon him. For the second time in his young life Dean carried him out of a
burning building. Only this time Sam wanted desperately to go back in.

For years they traveled, fighting demons, and dying. Each brother in turn was brought back from death, and each
carries their own special scars from the occasion.  Finally they arrived in San Francisco intending to meet their father
there. Dean was arrested and Sam captured by Wolfram and Hart. It was here that he found out the true nature of
what he was and he has been reeling from that information ever since.

With the return of Jessica, and the death of Sarah,  Sam is becoming more and more distant, and is filled with self
loathing.  Ruby appears at his side to lure him into doing what he knows would only make Dean angry, … using his
abilities.  It feels good to use them to fight demons. He just doesn’t realize how dark that path is.