A year has passed since Angel, Illyria , Gunn and Spike faced down an alley full of demons and slew the dragon.
It had cost them dearly but they had knocked the legs out from under Wolfram and Hart, and Angel wasn't about
to let that advantage slip away from him. It had cost him far too much.

The Charmed Ones manage to face down the Avatars and win... or was that a loss? Relationships are strained,
the family pulled in many directions at once, but they are together... and they are determined.

Two years have passed for those who destroyed the Sunnydale Hellmouth. They have scattered to the ends of
the earth but are still a close knit group. Some are trying to seek out normal lives amid their work, others are
throwing themselves completely into what they do.

The Winchesters spent a year looking for their father, and the demon, only to find both, and lose the chance to
destroy the demon that destroyed their lives, continuing on their quest to avenge their mother.

It was life as normal for our varied heroes.

That is... until the prophesy.

This is a PBEM RPG, AU across the board.  Characters thought dead are back, motivations seemed to have
changed, but one thing remains the same.  These are the bad asses of the world, and they've all come to one
place, gearing up for their final showdown, the fate of the entire world in their hands and on their shoulders even
as they try to live their lives the only way they know how.  Even with every step bringing them closer to their
destinies, even as prophesies pop out of the wood work, they fight.

Original characters are of course welcome.