Name: Achilles
Age: 25
Greek or Trojan:  Greek
Occupation:  Soldier
Sex: Male

Parents:  Peleus, King of the Myrmidons; Unknown Slave girl, Thetis
Spouse: None
Children: None

Hair:  Light Brown
Eyes:  Brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight:  210 lbs
Distinguishing Marks:  None really, just some scars from battle
Personality:  The greatest warrior the Greeks had ever had, he's arrogant and prideful, confident in his abilities.  His
arrogance is compounded by the fact that he is the leader of the Myrmidons, an elite team of Greek soldiers, truly the
best of the best.  Contemptuous of kings and their games, he's in it to make sure his name is never forgotten.

History:  Achilles was born to Peleus, his mother a slave girl in Peleus' kingdom.  His wife, Thetis, hadn't produced him
children in their short years of marriage, so he went elsewhere to get an heir.

Peleus used several slave girls, each of them eventually becoming pregnant.  But out of the number of women, 12 it
was believed to be, only one produced a son for him.  He let the others keep their children but he took the son away.  
He named him Achilles and brought him to the castle to be tended to by a wet nurse and raised as Thetis' own.

Thetis, knowing how life was, didn't like the idea of her
husband going elsewhere.  But men were allowed to do
that, so she had no other choice but to take in her
husband's child and raise him herself.

She was a prideful woman, and at first only tended to the
child as she had to, but as time went on she started to
care for the child.  By the time Achilles was five, she
thought of him as hers and fought viciously when his
father wanted to send him away to be taught.

She wouldn't let her child be sent away.  She lost though,
and Achilles was sent away to study. During that time
away, his parents died of an illness that hit his land.  
Being the fact that he was a bastard child of the king, he
was left where he was to grow and be on his own.

He grew up a strong and forceful child, much like his
mother.  He was praised about his skills and learned he
was good at what he did.  He also soon discovered
women.  Achilles was never one to turn down a beautiful
woman, though none has managed to capture his heart.

He soon grew and being the fact he was a great soldier, he soon caught the attention of Menelaus, King of Sparta, who
recruited him as part of his army.  Achilles soon bested the rest of his soldiers and climbed up through the ranks to
soon be the leader. Once he had achieved this, he returned to the land of his father to reclaim his birthright and fought
his way to the position of leader of the Myrmidon army.