Name: Calchas
Age: 35
Greek or Trojan: Greek
Occupation: Prophet

Sex: Male

Parents: Thestor
Spouse: none
Children: none

Hair: Brown
Eyes: grey
Height: 5’10
Weight: 185

Distinguishing Marks: Eyes always look a little on the mad
Calchas is an arrogant man. He sees visions that he believes come from
the gods, therefore he believes he is better than most men. Including
Kings and Priests. The fact that his visions usually come to pass after a
fashion does nothing to aid his disposition.

Calchas comes from a long line of seers. His father and brother were also
given to visions and his sister is a priestess to Apollo. One even
masqueraded as a young priest for a time.

When one sister was kidnapped by Pirates his father went in search of
her, shortly to be followed by another sister. With his family gone in
search of one another, Calchas turned his misfortune to fortune. He
began to share his visions… for a price of course.

Sometimes this price was in coin, others in items, and often it was simply
in the subtle advantages to having the favor of kings and the reputation
of a great seer.

It was no surprise when Agamemnon came to demand his presence at
the walls of Troy and he took it as an honor to go. He also knew the
sheer force of the Army that Agamemnon had commanded and that the
great king had yet to be defeated. People would know that Calchas had
been present at this battle, advising the victorious king.