Name: Curan
Age: 23
Greek or Trojan: Trojan defector
Occupation: soldier
Sex: Male

Parents: Marcus (General in Trojan army)  Lilah (mother deceased)
Spouse: none
Children: none

Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’8
Weight: 180

Distinguishing Marks: Scar on shoulder from knife wound; scars on
back from father’s punishments.  Birthmark on right buttock shaped like
a crescent moon
Personality:  Curan is very friendly but isn’t very open about
himself to just anyone; they have to earn his trust first.  He’s
not really a fighter.  Would rather be a bard or artist but his
father insisted he follow the family line (all military) and his
father wasn’t the type you could argue with.


Curan grew up in Troy.  His mother had died during child birth
so it was just him and his father.  His father was the epitome of
military; very tough, very stubborn and always needing to be
right.  Growing up Curan learned early on it was easier to go
along with what ever his father wanted then to try and defy him.  
He was educated and raised with the plan of joining the military
as his ancestors had done.  Curan, though, didn’t want to be a
soldier.  He much preferred to write stories, songs and to create
pictures to go with them.  That though wasn’t something his
father would allow.  When Curan balked at going into the
military his father proceeded to destroy everything that he’d
ever written or drawn in his life before beating Curan into
submission.  Once Curan was healthy enough to go he went
without any more arguments.  When the war broke out he was
placed with Captain Marcus and he was more then happy to be away from his father.  How little did he know what his
Captain had in store for him.