Name: Ezio

Age: 29

Greek or Trojan: Trojan
Occupation: Apollonian captain
Sex: Male

Parents:  Herodotus and Demetria
Spouse: none
Children: none

Hair:  brown
Eyes: hazel
Height: 6'
Weight:  200 lb.
Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars from a fire arrow on
shoulders and back, often hidden and disguised by
clothing or armor
Personality:  Ezio was always a serious and taciturn, leading to the nick
name 'Old Man' despite the fact he isn't that old.  After his wounds however,
he has become even more gruff and reserved.  His strength is the ability to
stand outside of a situation and see it objectively but more and more he
uses that talent to distance himself from others.  Despite his rough exterior
the men that serve under him are affectionately fond of their leader and
follow his word and example without hesitation or question.  His loyalty to
them and his crown prince are unquestionable.

Ezio was born to a soldier in the Apollonian guard and the daughter of a
farmer that owned large tracts of land outside of Troy's walls.  As such he
was raised equally inside the city and outside it and grew up comfortable
with both the barracks and soldier's life and the wide open ranges and the
work of a farmer.  Growing up he could have easily become either but his
father never left the opening for a choice and he was raised to be a soldier.  
He did not disappoint.  Lack of siblings and high expectations drove him to
be a perfectionist and Ezio rose quickly in the ranks.  The day he earned
his right in battle to become one of the elite Apollonian guards and stand
next to his father was his family's proudest moment.  His father was killed in
one of the many skirmishes and never saw his son rise to his rank of

Ezio trained hard and drove himself as a soldier but he always found time
to return to his grandfather's farm for harvest each year.  He found a
strange sense of peace there, doing the mundane, repetitive chores and
caring for his aging grandparents and mother.  But duty always called him
back.  His fellow guard ribbed him good naturedly about his 'vacation' time
but he took it in stride, content with his contradictory life.  The only thing
that was missing was a wife and children but, despite several near misses,
he remained a bachelor despite his mother's coaxing.

A year before Troy was laid siege to, Ezio rode with his crown prince as part of a troop of men sent to clear pirates
out of some remote coves they'd been using as a base to attack trade ships.  During the battle Ezio was struck with a
fire tipped arrow.  Being struck with an arrow was nothing new to him but the oil from the cloth wrapped around it
spilled and before there was time to react, his skin and clothing had caught fire.  Luck, good or bad, and quick
thinking on his prince's part saved his life but his recovery was a long and painful process and his body scarred
where it had burned, enough to make most people uncomfortable looking at him without it covered.  He insisted on
returning to his position and pushed himself hard to force his body back into the shape it had originally been in
despite the damage done to it.  He had nothing outside of his place as a soldier anymore and dying in battle, always
a concern, almost seemed like a promise now.  

A year later, he is still the captain he once was, careful of his men's lives and clever in the risks he takes with them.  
But he has yet to return to his grandfather's farm and he finds the time when he is not busy with his duties as an
Apollonian empty and eternal.