Name:  Helenus

Age:  20

Greek or Trojan:  Trojan

Occupation: soldier

Sex:  male

Parents: King Priam, Queen Hecuba

Spouse:  none

Children:  none

Hair:  dark brown

Eyes:  blue

Height:  6'

Weight:  200 lb.

Distinguishing Marks:  no
Personality:  very competitive, ambitious, self reliant, tends to
think of himself first because no one else will.  Helenus is a
man torn between wanting what his older brothers have and
wanting to be nothing like them at all. As for being like his
older sister - he takes sleep aids to avoid that.

Helenus' childhood was extreme. He was born after 'the Triad'
and considered a 'spare' so he didn't receive much attention
from his father or the rest of the court for the younger years of
his life. He actually saw more of the royal guard and in
particular grew to view its general as more a father figure than
his own. At least the man went out of his way to play with the
forgotten child. All that changed when his oldest brother went
to Greece to learn warfare. With his older sister locked away and the heir to the throne gone, even with Paris'
escapades, suddenly young Helenus had almost more parental attention than he knew what to do with. While it was
a strange feeling at first, as the years went on he grew used to being in his father's favor and what he did finding
approval and encouragement from the court. Then his oldest brother returned and in the ensuing rejoicing and
fanfare in less than a day Helenus was again pushed to the side and forgotten about. But by that time he was used
to actually being considered someone and the role of 'spare part' didn't appease him anymore. He was old enough
to understand both what was going on and what he was being deprived of in a way he hadn't as a child. It was a
shock to his personality and something that changed the way he thought about the world and his family for the rest
of his life.
He went back to his surrogate 'father' and vowed to remember his
lessons well. Wanting to distinguish himself from his older siblings
and the long shadow they cast he joined the royal guard instead
of the army of Troy or attempting the Apollonian. And in that realm
he distinguished himself. He earned his promotions based on his
merit and several times turned down one that appeared to him to
be motivated by his family or his ranks in the court. He is currently
serving as a captain in the royal guard.