History:  Neoptolemus is the only son of Princess Deidamea, princess of Scyros.  Her father, Lycomedes, is king
of that island on the Aegean sea.  It's been whispered that perhaps Pyrrhus is not in fact the father of his wife's
child, but no one dares say that aloud, lest they find themselves on the other side of Neoptolemus' sword.
He left home at an early age, having had a taste of war in
Agamemnon's quest to 'unite' Greece, and found it intoxicating,
better than any wine or herb he had ever encountered.  The feeling
of life in his hands, and the ability to quelch it with a squeeze was
something that could not be duplicated on Scyros, far from other

He joined Agamemnon's roving band of mercenaries and did his job
well, even volunteering to assist the Seven in the taking of Thebe,
where he threw the children from the walls to make sure everyone
was gone, and as an adequate tribute to Ares for the life he's been
'blessed' enough to live.

He had been in Sparta when the Trojan delegation visited, and saw
the Spartan queen leave with the Trojan prince, but kept that to
himself, knowing that if he just stayed quiet, things would result in
another war.  Which was fine by him.  He stayed close to the court,
and soon enough, war was declared.

He sailed to Troy representing Scyros, his grandfather being too
old to go into battle himself.  The others can have the glory and the
riches, the only payment Neoptolemus wants is Troy burning at his
Name: Neoptolemus

Age: 21

Greek or Trojan: Greek

Occupation: Warrior, Prince of Scyros

Sex: Male

Parents: Princess Deidamea and her consort Pyrrhus

Spouse: None
Children: None

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: None
Personality: Neoptolemus is a cruel man, one that
seems to have no conscience.  A devoted follower of
Ares, the God of War, he's a warrior to be in fear and
awe of, because there is no line he will not cross.  
He's not even above using someone else's name in
order to get things done.  He's not in it for the glory or
the fame, but the destruction and maiming that is the
direct result of what he does.  And what he does, he
does well.

He has no respect for anyone or anything else other
than himself, often times he is belligerent and rude,
but there is not a one out there that does not want
him on their side, as opposed to fighting against him.