Personality:  Phoenix is old, and world weary.  He's seen the
destruction and birth of new cities and new countries.  He's seen the
follies of good men and the luck of not so good men.  Once upon a
time, he was a warrior of fair reknown, but his body couldn't keep up.  
His one allowance to his advanced age is a staff for walking, but his
mind is sharper than men a quarter of his age.  He's now an advisor,
drawing on years of experience and common sense to guide the
warriors in their war against the Trojans, one he neither supports nor
is against.  It's war, and war is the way of man.
Name: Phoenix
Age: Unknown but elderly
Greek or Trojan: Greek
Occupation: Advisor
Sex: Male

Parents: Lauscus and Selene
Spouse: Olivia (deceased)
Children: Many, and grandchildren

Hair: Gray/Whitee
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11
Weight: 160

Distinguishing Marks: Long beard, always carries a staff
History:  Phoenix was born the son of a warrior, who was the son of a warrior.  He never accomplished anything with
a sword that made its way into history books, and he's fine with that. He's not a king, or a prince, or anything that
entitles him to anything other than what he has, and again, he's fine with that.  He had a loving wife for many years
until her death in her old age, and raised a beautiful family, including several honorable sons and grandsons.  In that
way he feels richer than Agamemnon and Priam combined.
His years as a physical warrior are far behind him, his body is barely above feeble.  He
now requires a staff to walk (the pains of youth revisited, he says), but he is still an
intellectual warrior to be admired and respected.  Many kings and generals realized this,
and over the years he was consulted in meetings about wars, advancements, and
exploration of the Greek lands, and foreign lands.

When Helen was taken to Troy, and Agamemnon called for war against the previously
untouchable Trojans, he was asked and pleaded with to come along with the journey.  He
resisted, he was retired and loving life with his family on quiet lands safe from war and
other sundry man made things.  But when his wife passed away in her sleep peacefully, he
realized he wouldn't be far behind her.  His family was safe from Agamemnon and his
games.  It was the insistence of Achilles, a pupil who never listened, that sent him on his
way to Troy, for what he was sure was to be his last battle. certain he would leave Troy
only to cross the River Styx into the loving arms of his beloved.