While forging a peace in his father's name, Prince Paris of Troy convinces Queen Helen of Sparta to
leave her husband, Menelaus, and come with him to Troy.  Helen was the woman who history has dubbed
"the face that launched a thousand ships."

Angry, King Menelaus went to his brother Agamemnon, who ruled all of Greece, for retribution,  
Agamemnon had had his eye on conquering Troy and controlling all of the  Aegean Sea, and uses his
brother's feckless wife as an excuse to launch the greatest fleet ever known, carrying warriors whose
names would be carved in legend ...Achilles... Odysseus...Ajax...

Meanwhile in Troy, Helen is welcomed as a princess of Troy by King Priam.  His oldest son Prince Hector,
also general of the Trojan Army and Apollonian Guard, warns that the Greeks won't stand for this, that
Agamemnon is just looking for an excuse, but King Priam is convinced the mighty walls of Troy will hold
back any invader, just as they have in the
past.  And if they don't, his mighty army will protect the city and lay waste to the Greeks.

Now, historically, we know how this ends. But this is a game, and we're starting from the who
knows who the victor will be?  Who will be the hero and who will be forgotten?
More on locations...
Greek Camp:
Is located on the beach a bit away from Troy.  It holds fifty thousand Greek soldiers, so the soldiers take over (by
force) some of the country side in order to provide for the troops (food, etc).  The ships are relatively flat bottomed,
and are pulled right up onto the shore, and dismantled a bit to make the camps (shelter, storage, etc).  Its basically a
make shift city.  The more important you are, the better your shelter.  An ordinary soldier would most likely share
shelter with a group, where as Agamemnon has basically all the comforts of home.

The Greeks will also take over a Trojan temple to Apollo and use it for their own purposes.

Troy is a gated city, its walls are high and strong, they've never been breached. Inside is a normal city for the time, a
precursor almost to the medieval castles, where most everything you need is on the inside.  Temples to the gods,
most importantly Apollo the patron god of Troy, are also there.  A river runs through it and under it providing water,
the river begins in Mt Ida, which can be seen behind the city.
The Armed Forces....

On the Greek side, the most feared force is the Myrmidons, led by Achilles.  They are fearless, highly trained and
not afraid of death.  All the warriors have been handpicked by Achilles himself.

On the Trojan side is the
Apollonian Guard, named after Apollo and led by Prince Hector.  Just as fearless, they're
disciplined and elite.  Every soldier in Troy hopes to one day be chosen for this guard.