The House of Hades...
Realms of the
Styx  The principal and most famous river of Hades, generally thought of as forming
the border of the Underworld..  In Greek mythology, the eyes of the dead are covered
with coins and their bodies burned on pyres.  The dead take these coins with them to
pay Charon to cross the river on his boat.  If they don't pay him, their spirits roam
between life and death on the bank of the river Styx for one hundred years.

Underworld  Another word for Hades, Kingdom of the Dead, which was most often
thought of as being underground. Thus it was imagined that the Underworld could be
reached through various caves and caverns.

Elysian Fields  Paradise of the heroes, it is a tranquil place where heroes who proved
themselves in their mortal lives rest after crossing the river Styx. Here the great heroes
hunt, eat, drink and socialize among pleasant company (who may have been enemies or
foes in mortality) for all eternity

Tartarus  The Underworld zone of eternal torment, where the greatest sinners were
punished for their transgressions. The worst of these offenders were deemed to be
those who had sinned against the gods themselves. The greatest crime of all was to
abuse the gods' hospitality. All the more so since to be on familiar terms with the great
deities was a particular favor, reserved for the elect.

Cerberus  Mosntrous three headed "dog" that guards the gates to the Underworld.  
Cereberus ensures only the souls of the dead cross through, not living people who
might have been able to bribe Charon.  Cereberus also ensures the dead never leave.

Charon  Wisened old man who accepts bribes from the souls of the dead and ferrys
them across the river Styx to their final resting place.

Rhadymanthus  Due to his iron willed integrity and sense of justice in his mortal life,
when Rhadymanthus died and crossed the river Styx, he went to neither the Elysian
Fields or Tartarus.  Instead, Hades made him the one to stand in judgement of the new
arrivals, deciding who would be condemned to torture in Tartarus and who would not.

Hades  God of the Underworld, he rules it with an iron fist.  Hades rules the dead,
assisted by demons over whom he has complete authority. He strictly forbids his
subjects to leave his domain and  becomes quite enraged when anyone tries to leave, or
if someone tried to steal his prey from him.
People in the Underworld