Personality: Cassandra tends to be a private creature. Keeps herself separate from the other priestesses. She loves her father and
brothers very much. Even has a soft spot for Paris much as her father does. She has known for some time that this war would come. She
had seen the ships long before her brothers had ever gone to Sparta to make peace. She is a sad woman, who has seen the end of her
people and feels as though she is living a dream… borrowed time with her father and brothers.

History: Cassandra is the eldest child, of King Priam  by his chosen Queen Hecuba, and by all accounts quite beautiful in her own right.
When she was very young she suffered from heat stroke while playing at the beach not far from the temple of Apollo.  She began to
behave strangely, hallucinating, flailing about until she collapsed into unconsciousness for several days.  During this time she was hot to
the touch as though feverish or burned but no
burn was evident. It was just that her body
couldn’t shunt the heat, but it was considered
that she was touched by Apollo the sun god.
It was determined that she would be a
priestess and Oracle to the Apollo before she
was old enough to understand what all that

She was a delicate child from that point on
ward, very sensitive to heat and the sun,
prone to massive headaches and as she
grew older she began to have seizures.
These produced a sense of Euphoria… the
sense of having had a religious experience.
In some ways she is not quite right in the

She was molested in her early teens. No one,
besides her brother
Hector,  knows who it
was that approached her in the woods as she gathered fruit. He was golden and beautiful and insistent upon his intent. She was equally
insistent that she was to be a virgin for Apollo. To which he declared that in that case she was his.                 

The priests of course interpreted this that she was not raped but ravaged by the god himself and should delight in her ordeal rather than
suffer, even as her brother slew the man who had defiled his sister . This twisted the poor girls mind even further. She became manic
depressive, having wild mood swings, and occasionally hearing voices even outside of her seizures.

She took her vows at 16- and began to take her seat in the Oracles chair, on the proscribed nights of the year following all the rituals
religiously. Between the volcanic fumes and the self induced state of ‘spiritual ecstasy’ she was able to have visions like
those of the Oracle at Delphi.  These being interpreted as they had for centuries by the priests and very likely they were interpreted
according to how much was paid to the priest or the temple to begin with.

Her visions outside the temple however were often considered the rantings of a mad woman, and ironically were often more accurate.
Name: Cassandra

Age: 26

Greek or Trojan: Trojan

Occupation: Oracle

Sex: Female

Parents: King Priam and Hecuba

Spouse: None (High Priestess to Apollo…)

Children: None

Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 125
Distinguishing Marks: None