Name: Hector

Age: 25

Greek or Trojan: Trojan

Occupation: General of Trojan Army, Crown Prince of Troy

Sex: Male

Parents: King Priam of Troy and Queen Hecuba

Spouse: Andromache

Children: Astyanax

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: scars from battle, especially on his chest and thighs
Personality: He puts Troy and his family above his own needs,
its all for them.  He has a healthy respect for the gods but
prefers what he can see and touch, taking the 'prophecies'
others see in cloud formations with a roll of his eyes and
huge grain of salt.  Has been called 'The Tamer of Horses'
for his uncanny ability to relate and, yes, tame horses.  He's
in tune to the expectations surrounding him, and tries his
best to fulfill all of them...husband, father, brother, son,
soldier, general, prince.

History: Born the oldest son of Hecuba, favorite and chief
wife of king Priam, he knew from an early age he was destined
to succeed his father, no matter what others said. Its a
responsibility he took seriously from the get go. He started by
looking after his siblings, which included
Cassandra and Paris.

When he was still a young boy, he was sent away to learn to
be a soldier, as many Greeks and Trojans were.  At this time,
Troy and many of the city states of Greece (as yet not unified)
had almost an alliance, so the sons of both nations (if their
fathers were high ranking and important) were sent to the
same place to train.  It was here that he met a man who would become a good friend, greatest rival and at the same
time, threat to his very life.

He was a skilled soldier from early on, and upon returning to Troy took command of the Apollonian Guard, an elite sect
of the Trojan army, earning the respect of his men for his fearlessness in battle and his unwavering devotion to Troy.

He made his way through life, serving his father and the people of Troy,  becoming a beloved figure in his own right as
crown prince, when he met the love of his life, Andromache.  It took some convincing, for she didn't want to marry a
soldier, but he convinced her to marry him and soon they had a son they named Astyanax.  His passion for his wife and
love for his son are the only things that rivals if not beats his devotion to his country.

He was sent to Sparta, along with his brother Paris, to make peace with the warrior city state, and peace was achieved.  
At least until the King of Sparta realized the younger prince (Paris) had made off with his wife
(Helen).  Unable to
convince his father to send Helen back to Greece, he made preparations for war, knowing it would pit him against
several of his friends.