Years ago, the United States government contracted out to a corporation called Umbrella.  
Umbrella's job?  To make the Department of Defense the perfect infantry soldier through viral
DNA splicing.

It worked, but not as intended.  On the cusp of success, with one positive subject, a lab accident
happened.  Horrifically.  Marines were called in to help contain the accident, but it was too late.  
The virus had escaped into the general population through contaminated lab workers.

The virus makes you stronger, faster, able to heal....but it kills you first.  And makes you a man
eating zombie instead, hungry for the taste of human flesh.  There is no soul, no real intellect, just
the instinct to bite and eat every warm human you come across.  And this virus is transmitted
through simple bites or scratches.

It's world wide.  No place is safe.  But Jack Turner is determined to find that safe place for his
group of refugees, and find more refugees.  Before humans become extinct.
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