frequently asked
1. What happens if a zombie attacks you?
You better fight back!  All they want is to eat you.  You are
food to them, not friends, lovers, or family.

What happens if they bite me?
All it takes is a scratch and you're literally dead meat.

People are rising from the dead and becoming blood thirsty
zombies for nothing.  A virus was released which reanimates
dead flesh...and how they sustain themselves is eating red
meat.  Your red meat.  Or your gray matter.

Who would do such a thing?
Obviously it wasn't planned.  It was government experiment
to design the perfect infantry soldier,  it just escaped after
several 'failures' (i.e. zombified subjects).

Weren't there any successful subjects?
Define successful.  There was one (and only one) who did not
become a zombie, though he had the zombie traits (healing,
speed, etc).  Unfortunately this burned his body out and he

So what's the deal with Captain Commando?
That's Captain Jack Turner, thank you very much!  A Marine
who helped liberate the original lab, he's currently AWOL from
what's left of the military, shepherding what survivors he can
find to safety to save the human race.

What does it take to be a survivor?
Not being a zombie.  Pure and simple.  He's not picky.  He'll
take a waitress or an artist.