Concept of this game is simple.  

A lab accident happens and people die.  If exposed to the T-Virus, they come back as
Zombies, with one goal in mind, FOOD.

You are their food and they will do what they have to do eat you.  

Fortunately for us, they are slow, stupid and an injury to their head will keep them down.  If
you shoot them anywhere else other then the head, they get back up.  

Once a person is bitten, scratched, they get the virus and will die and come back as a zombie.  
Only not to is to die before the virus turns you.

That’s it, questions, ask
You MUST also have your age on your public profile for Yahoo, or you will not be allowed
to join until you do.

1. Players are expected to post at least three times a week and are allowed only two
characters, unless approved by two GMs for you to have three.

2. If you go out of town or can not post for a few days, please let a moderators know so that
we can help your character along and you don't lose your spot on the team. If you do not let
a moderator know, then your player will be removed from the game and your slot will
become open.

3. No killing other people (players) without permission.

4. DO NOT make actions for other characters other then your own. If you do, the post will be
ignored until revised by a moderator.

5. We are rated MA-17. Which means there will be sex, violence and rock and roll. Which
also means no one under the age of 18 is allowed. If you send in an application stating you
are 18 and we find out you are not, we will remove you from the game. No, I’ll be 18 in a
month, 18 means 18.  

6. Please keep your character consistent. If they are extremely afraid of something, make
them come off as extremely afraid.

7. When writing a character's personal thoughts, use *, ‘,oO, anything but “ When writing a
character speaking, use "

8. When posting, place your character's codename (if in battle) or character's name before
your reply if the post is including everyone in the conversation. Example:
~~Rich~~Coinstar~~ Two to four player conversations are excluded for this rule. When
tagging someone, please place the character's codename or real name in thebrackets.
Example : <tag Coinstar> or < Tag Rich>

9. If you are tagged and do not post to within three days, your character will be skipped. After
this happening four times, your character will be removed from the game and you from the
list.   If you do not post within two weeks, your character will be removed from the game and
you will be removed from the mailing list. If you believe that it was unjust that we did this,
please contact the GM.

10.  If you have any ideas on where your character should go within the game (i.e., plot
wise), Please clear it with the GM. If it is not cleared, the storyline will not exists and will be
dismissed as a post.

11. You may NOT spam anyone on list about anything. If you do you, will be removed.  

12. You have to be a player no less then three months before you can bring in a second
character, reason we do it this way is to weed out people who create characters like rabbits
and never do anything with them. Unless, which might seem unfair to new people, but if we
know from past experience you will write, we will allow it. Once the new people show they
will write, they will be allowed also.  

13. We reserve the right to ask for writing samples when you join.  

14. No super hero characters who blow up 20 Zombies every time they go out. If you feel
your character is the ultimate best of perfect, this is not the game for you.  

15. Everyone, but the one starting the game…lab experiment…are normal humans without
super strength, speed, any of it.
IF you get bit, scratched, whatever by a zombie you WILL
die and come back one of them. But only if you let the virus kill you. If you get bit, scratched,
whatever and immediately kill yourself, you stay dead. In other words the virus has to work
threw your body…about 8 hours of being sick…like a bad case of the flu.
IF you have your character get the virus and not die, or come back stronger, you will be
removed from the game. That’s a
NO NO. AGAIN, you get the virus, you WILL DIE.
17. Above all…