Name: Alexander Nicholai Markov
Rank: Former lieutenant in the Air-force
reserves… years ago
Nickname: Alex
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Nome Alaska
Place of Residence: Omer, Wisconsin
Spouse: None
Father: Dimitri Markov
Mother: Evelyn Scott
Siblings: Dimitri, 35, Air force pilot
deceased, Anna 28, Journalist fate unknown
Children: none
Other Relatives: father's family in Czech
Republic and Alaska, mother's family
currently Zombies in Omer or in Alaska
Occupation: Professor of ancient history
to be better, afraid that if he wasn’t someone else would die. His obsession was what drove his
mother to decide to relocate the family to Omer here her family lived.

He wasn’t happy about the move. He
didn’t know how to fit in with the other kids
for the longest time. He became a recluse
while his brother went on as a senior in
high school to be one of the most popular
kids in school. He didn’t start to make
friends until his brother started dating a
freshman… one of a set of extremely
pretty identical twins.

Colleen Pierce was as arrogant as she
was pretty and brilliant. But her sister
Caitlin was friendly even if extremely hot

Soon he was hanging out with Caitlin’s
friends including her equally hot tempered boyfriend, and riding horses and camping again, only
this time in groups and less hazardous conditions.

His brother went into the Air force at graduation, and this inspired Alex as well, only he went into the
reserves, learned to be a pilot, and continued on in college to study what he truly wanted… to be a

With his reserve time served and a masters degree in both education and ancient history he began
to teach at a small private college in Michigan, roughly 30 miles from where he went to high school.
He has been teaching there for 5 years now.
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: none

Hobbies: hiking, camping, Ice fishing, hunting, flying,
building model ships, usually bronze age sailing ships.

Education/Career Information:

Elementary School Name:
Nome Elementary
High School Name: Omer High school
College Name: Michigan State
Major: Education/history
Military (yes/No):
yes, during college
Branch of service: Air force
Speciality: Pilot
Active/Non-Active (yes/No): no

Special Skills: Speaks Russian, English, Greek, Latin, and
some Eskimo. Knows his way around a computer, but isn’t a
hacker. Has cold weather survival skills, can fly most planes
except for huge commercial jets. Knows how to dog sled, can hunt with a bow, and swims very well.

Personality: He is quiet, and reserved in most things, doesn’t show the stress he is under,although
when relaxing with the few people he calls friends he opens up. Is socially awkward in most
situations and has no idea how to handle women. Mixed signals don’t get far with him.

Psychological Background: Alex is the sort that throws himself completely into anything he does.
Whether that is a lecture on Herotidus, a weekend of roughing it in the woods or building his
models. Sadly this also includes his dark brooding moods. He pushes himself too hard.

Personal Quirks: loves books, usually wakes up with coffee and a book before going to his first
class of the day. Doesn’t watch TV except for a few science fiction shows and dvds on the
weekends. Listens to classical music while preparing classes and grading home work and
classic rock the rest of the time.

History:  Alex was born in Alaska and was the middle of three children. Their father was of Russian
descent and worked for the forestry service. They spent their early years learning how to hunt, fish,
hike, climb and survive in the Alaskan wilderness.

When he was 12 he and his father and brother were out on a camping trip, hiking and fishing, when
his father took a fall and broke his leg.  His brother, then 16, and Alex packed his father back to
camp and then tried to get him back to civilization, not realizing that the broken leg was more
serious than they though.  A blood clot eventually made its way to his heart and he died in the
Emergency Room.  

Alex brueid what he felt about it all for a long time, spending his time trying to make up for his
father's loss.  He began obessing about his time in the woods, always going out there and striving