Name: Caitlin Pierce
Nickname: Cait, Caity
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Omer, Wisconsin
Place of Residence: Omer
Spouse: None
Father: Sean Pierce, 55, Genetic Engineer for Umbrella
Corp, alive
Mother: Clarese Pierce, 50, Technician for Umbrella corp,
Siblings: twin sister, Colleen Pierce, bio-chemist for
Umbrella Corp Currently dead, but only Jack Turner knows
Children: None
Quote: In your dreams
Occupation: physician and geneticist
Up until this point she and her sister Colleen had been inseparable, however once they began
working for Umbrella they rarely saw each other, and over time lost touch entirely when Colleen
was assigned to a different facility. The two were connected as twins are but their personalities
were so very different that they were never truly close or friends. Caitlin needed to be challenged,
needed to be confronted, while Colleen demanded submission, and adoration. They were both
comfortable with the distance between them.

Her romantic life has been limited in scope as she became consumed by her work, pursuing her
education on so far as it would apply to the good of the Nemesis Project. She found one man that
she was willing to date, mostly because she was tired of being alone.
He was a good man, as far as umbrella employees went, was able to keep up with her intellectually,
was attractive and physically active in his off hours. She agreed to marry him thinking that was
probably her only real chance at a relationship. However 2 weeks before the wedding she gave him
his ring back. He didn’t have the back bone to challenge her. Wouldn’t ever argue with her… and
there was no chemistry.
Height: 5’8
Weight: 110
Hair: Red
Eyes: grey green

Hobbies: Horseback riding, camping, Half
heartedly went hunting with her Father and
his friends. She likes getting her hands into
things, whether its dirt or clay. She has a
brown thumb and no talent for pottery but it
doesn’t keep her from trying. Caitlin isn’t
known for giving up on much of anything.
Not even a lost cause like her lamented
artistic talent.

Education/Career Information:

Elementary School Name:
High School Name: Omer High school
College Name: Umbrella Corp
Major: Medicine, genetics
Special Skills: Martial arts (Tai Chi for
relaxation… when she remembers that she
needs to relax) herbology

Psychological Background: Was raised in a company family. She always knew that she was going
to work for Umbrella Corp and the thought of not working for them was utterly Alien to her. Focused
and often very blunt, usually comes across as a bitch as she spends most of her time pretending
that she doesn’t care.

Personal Quirks: She loves earl tea in the morning. French Cruller donuts and a good steak
dinner. She hates abrupt changes in plans, Fish, and sugar in her coffee. Doesn’t like secrets and
evasive speech will send her into a tirade.

History: Caitlin is a third generation umbrella corp employee. She grew up knowing that she was
going to work for them. She even had her summer jobs working in the mail room when she was a
young girl.

Her best friends in high school were Alexander Markov, and Jack Turner. The latter being her
boyfriend as well. The two had a volatile relationship, the sort of couple that could be seen either
kissing passionately in the halls or screaming at one another at the top of their lungs.

Jack was her first, and for quite a while her only and it wasn’t
because of lack of interest from others.

The two broke up violently, over the fact that she found out
he was going to the military that summer from it being
announced at Senior Prom rather than by Jack telling her.
The fight continued all the way home, as she walked to the
family property two miles out of town with Jack following her
in his truck, trying to get her to get in and let him take her
home. The fight ended when Caitlin took a swing at the
sheriff who had been called by her parents when the young
couple got too out of hand, and they were ironically worried
about their daughter.

At 18 she accepted a position as an intern in the Nemesis
project, where they were beginning to experiment on the
then 14 year old Evan Conrad who was at that time dying of
brain cancer. She watched the boy grow into a man as she
went from laboratory assistant to physician, to geneticist.
Even though she was the primary physician on the case, there was a great deal she was left in the
dark about.