Name: Daisy Annabelle Morrison
Rank: n/a
Nickname: Princess
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina
Place of Residence: Psi Xi Omicron sorority house
Spouse: none
Father: Bradley Morrison (unknown status)
Mother: Siddalee Morrison (unknown status)
Siblings: Bradley Morrison II ( unknown status)
Children: none
Other Relatives: Various, status all unknown
Quote: "It's not about how you feel, its about how you
look. If you look good, you'll feel good."
Occupation: Student
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 115
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: None

Hobbies: Painting, working over pledges, anything but studying

Education/Career Information

Elementary School Name:
School of the Humanities, Atlanta Georgia
High School Name: St. Anne's Catholic, Atlanta, Georgia
College Name: Mountbatten University
Major: Liberal Arts
Military (yes/No): No

Special Skills: Daisy can make a home cooked Southern meal like no other.
Psychological Background: Daisy is a debutante from Georgia, she was taught at an early age
by her debutante mother how to be charming and sweet, and to smile whenever possible and
necessary. She's pampered, spoiled and
completely unprepared for life outside her sorority
house, never mind life with zombies.

Personal Quirks: Loves flowers, but hates daisies.
Likes to listen to boy bands loudly, and is a hopeless
flirt, even when the circumstances deem it highly

History: Daisy is the youngest of two children born to
a successful corporate lawyer and his debutante wife.
Her mother was a member of Psi Xi Omicron and her
father a member of the associated fraternity. They met
in college, and that was all that was written. The family
settled in Atlanta, and during Daisy's life time she's
seen her family go from upper middle class to definitely
upper class. She grew up with a maid, a cook, a butler
and a chauffeur. The chauffeur even taught her how to

She did like all other upper class girls, went to private
all girls schools, snuck out to meet bad boys on
motorcycles, but kept that 'good boy' on the side to bring
home to the parents and to society events, like her debut
to Atlanta society when she was sixteen. Her mother was
so into it, she was pulled from school for six months to
make the rounds around the South, where she was
admired for her beauty and sweet nature.

Upon graduation, she went to Mountbatten University, just like her parents. An actual degree she
could use wasn't something she was after, but her mother thought it best that all women at least get
a degree while pursuing society. She joined a sorority as a legacy, a nd made friends quickly within
that tight circle, dating the fraternity boys as expected.

The sorority and fraternity rented out a hotel for their annual gala, and everyone came in their
absolute best, Daisy escorted by the football quarterback. Everything was planned to the smallest
detail for a truly enchanted evening, but who could expect a throng of party crashers in the form of

Her date, being chivalrous, not to mention macho, shoved Daisy into the laundry room and locked
the door, fully intending to fight them all off single handedly with the hopes of his date being so
grateful and impressed that he'd get some later. That's not the way it worked out. Everyone, except
for Daisy, was killed and changed.

It took her three days to get the door off, by then everyone was gone. All the cars were still there,
so she got into the car and tried to drive away, but the zombies were still in town. So she went back
to the hotel and barricaded herself inside, trying to figure out what to do and half hoping for a