Name: John Turner
Rank: Captain
Nickname: Jack
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Omer, Wisconsin
Place of Residence: Omer, Wisconsin
Spouse: none
Father: William Turner (D)
Mother: Suzanne Turner (D)
Siblings: Yvette Glasser (D)
Children: None
Other Relatives: Anala Loren (maternal cousin),
maternal grandparents retired in Belleair, Florida.
 Theodore Glasser (brother in law, D), Isabelle
and T.J. Glasser (niece and nephew, D)
Quote: "Sometimes the devil inside is worse
than the devil in hell."
Occupation: United States Marine
He had been attracted to the military, liking the discipline and purpose of it, and worked hard for
an appointment to the Naval Academy, which he earned. The Academy was hard, but he
managed to get through it by cutting out his partying ways for the most part and buckling down
to the books and upon earning his commission he became a Marine instead of a sailor, thinking
if he was going to go for it,  go all out. From there he traveled all over the world, engaged in
various conflicts the government would
decide to drop soldiers in, earning his
promotions along with a couple of medals
and the respect of his men.

Ever close to his family, he returned to Omer
whenever he earned leave to hang out with
his parents, old friends and dote on his niece
and nephew. It was on this last leave that
disaster struck. When the accident in the lab
happened, he was yanked off leave at his
parents' house to run the containment
operation. In the end, he was held with
everyone else from the lab for three weeks
while the virus spread like wild fire, and ended up infecting his mother, who in turn infected his
father. When they reached their full zombie state, they attacked Jack, who shot them both in the
head. His sister, brother in law, niece and nephew were also infected, but got away from him.
He later ran into his sister, who also tried to eat him, forcing him to shoot her in
the head.

He now considers the rest of his family, save his
cousin, deceased. His world was even more
shattered when he learned that the government he
had sworn to serve and protect was behind this
whole thing. He's now considered AWOL, for
refusing to turn over certain test subjects and
scientists to the government or Umbrella, and has
taken it upon himself to lead the rag tag band of

Jack was heartbroken over what happened to his
family, and channeled that into rage and quickly
started to help organize the survivors to make his
own platoon if he has to. It's a rag tag team of
survivors, involving all walks of life, but he's taken it
upon himself to save as much of the human race as
possible, and take out a few zombies along the way.

This isn't without its complications, even for an accomplished Marine like himself.  He's picked
up a myriad of personalities, including and old friend and the one woman who could always
make him see all shades of red, good and bad.  In fact, at one point, she was kidnapped and
switched with her twin sister.  Upon figuring it out, Jack not only got Caitlin's location from
Colleen, but proceeded to then execute her on the roadside, to not only protect Caitlin in the
future, but also their whereabouts, all of them, from Umbrella.  This is one thing he swears to
himself he will never tell Caitlin.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 185
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green-grey
Distinguishing Features: USMC tattoo on the inside of his left wrist

Hobbies: Guns, ammo, plastique, is pretty good at
origami also

Education/Career Information

Elementary School Name:
Omer Central School
High School Name: Omer Central School
College Name: United States Naval Academy,
Major: Government (had been working toward a
Military (yes/No): Yes
Branch of service: United States Marine Corp
Specialty: Infiltration and capture
Active/Non-Active (yes/No): Active

Special Skills: High level weapons certification,
bomb making, languages, tactician

Psychological Background: Up until his family's
untimely death, he was a rather happy go lucky guy,
true to the core Marine, but able to shake off the
soldierly attitude on his off hours and have fun. Now, he's consumed with killing all the walking
dead he can to make up for the ones he's already had to kill. Has a tenuous hold on a fiery
temper, that hold is based in the discipline he learned as a Marine. He's actually quite smart, but
lets people believe he's just another marine who only knows how to kill and destroy things,
though that stereotype pisses him off.  There's very little that gets to him on the surface, but
one person who no matter what can get under his both a good and bad way.

Personal Quirks: Smokes more than he should, has since he was thirteen. Ritualistic in some
mannerisms (has to get up on the literal right side if the bed, must drink a full cup of coffee
before eating breakfast, things like that).  Plays everything close to the vest and feels soley
responsible for the survival of this group.

History: Jack grew up in a small town, Omer, and was a small town boy doing small town things,
hanging out at the mall, going to school, playing sports, hunting, camping, things like that. If
there was a tailgate party, you would find Jack. At that period of his life, probably the only thing
that stopped him from getting thrown in prison for something was the fact that he was dating a
fairly straight laced girl, Caitlin Pierce.   But even that was full of its own fire.  There were bets
on who would kill the other first, Jack or Caity, due to their explosive fights, though they always
inevitably made up before long, just to repeat the cycle, interrupting it for some 'serious PDA,'
as they called it in high school.  

Unfortunately, they broke up right before he graduated, due to the fact that he never told her
his future plans and she found out in a completely wrong way, as an announcement of his
acceptance into the Academy at the prom before he had a chance to tell her himself. This of
course led to a blow out where the cops were called to her parents' driveway.  Of course, the
sheriff didn't know who to fear more for, Caity or Jack, and ended up getting slugged for his