Name: Margaret Carolyn Fidell
Rank: n/a
Nickname: Maggie
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Three Rivers, Michigan
Place of Residence: Three Rivers, Michigan
Spouse: None
Father: Wallace Fidell (33, deceased-died when she was 9)
Mother: Josephine Fidell (27, deceased-died when she was 5)
Siblings: Kathleen Fidell (deceased), Peter Baker (25,  
cousin), Anna Baker (21, cousin)
Children: None
Other Relatives: Charlene Baker (aunt, 50), Andrew Baker
(uncle, 54)
Quote: "Nothing really rocks, and nothing really rolls and
nothing's ever worth the cost."
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 115
Hair: Brown with reddish highlights
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Curly hair

Hobbies: Watching Football, running marathons,
reading classic novels and medical literature

Education/Career Information

Elementary School Name:
Parks Community
High School Name: Three Rivers High School
College Name: University of Michigan at Ann-
Major: Nursing
Military (yes/No): No

Special Skills: Maggie has a nearly
photographic memory

Psychological Background: She's a well adjusted person for the most part, has her fears like
everyone else. But she was taught by her uncle 'strength in the face of adversity' and will shove
everything down inside until she's alone, then she'll crack and scream
or cry or whatever the situation calls for.

Personal Quirks: Huge Wolverine football fan, claustrophobic (but only in the dark), deathly afraid
of spiders, never wears her seat belt and has the tickets to prove it.

History: Maggie was born and raised in Three Rivers. Her mother was a waitress and her father a
cop. Her father was also a highly functional alcoholic. It was when Maggie was five that he became
not so functional. He drove drunk, and killed his wife, who was pregnant at the time. They delivered
the pre-term baby, and Kathleen lived for five days
before she too succumbed and died. Maggie was
in the car also, but sleeping in the back seat
without her seat belt on. When the crash occurred,
she rolled down onto the floor, and that saved her
life. She got away from the crash with scrapes and

The death of his wife and youngest child sent Wally
on a bender that ended only when he died a few
years later of liver failure. And even that didn't end
it, he died literally with the bottle in his hand. His
sister and her husband had already taken on the
parental role for young Maggie, and she was
spending most of her time there, so when Wally
died, they adopted her formally and she was raised
with her cousins.

She did all right in high school, not overly highly popular, not the brightest kid, just your average
high schooler, though she made a name for herself in track and field, especially the longer
distances. When she went to college, she kept up the track and field, and even competed in the
Boston Marathon at age 21, finishing just under four hours, a pretty good time.

She majored in Nursing in college, and earned her bachelor's degree, and returned home to Three
Rivers and worked in the Emergency Department. Things were going along fine, she dated
casually, went out some, had her own apartment, until the strangest cases started coming through
the ED...bites and scratches that quickly turned infected, and lethal...then the morgue started
losing bodies, and people pronounced dead would get off the stretchers and attack the staff.

The world was going to hell in a hand basket and she had a window seat...until the remainders of a
SWAT competition team evacuated the last survivor of the massacre at the hospital...her...and
sought refuge on an RV in a convoy of fellow survivors.